How Do We Tell Our Staff We're About to Run out of Money?

The key to communicating with our staff about money is to do it early and to get everyone on the same page.

July 4th, 2019   |    By: Wil Schroter    |    Tags: Funding


Recently Elon Musk had to do what every Founder dreads — tell his staff that they have limited funds, and if things don't improve, that it's game over.

Elon's doing it with $2.7 billion, but his problems are the same as if we had to do it with $2.7 hundred.

Letting our staff know we're running out of money while trying to rally them at the same time to succeed is a brutal game that requires extreme tact in messaging.

When should we tell our staff that we're about to run out of money?

Now, and then later.

Right now let's be honest about where the company stands and what our challenges are going forward, no matter how significant.

Elon said "We're in code red" and that all expenses are being considered. He's pointing out that shit's getting real, and he needs his staff to either get on board to fix things or find another employment option.

But won't that cause everyone to leave?

Not necessarily.

Our teams joined us because they believe in the mission, and many probably still do. The conversation should be pointed toward how each person can help change our fate, if that's possible, and not around how "we're all fu*ked."

OK, but for serious — how do I tell everyone it's game over?

When the time comes to let folks know that we're out of extra lives, the only way to do it is short and to the point.

Now isn't the time to wax intellectual about excuses — it's time to be clear that folks need to take action (find jobs) and that anything we can do to help them in the process is absolutely on the table.

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