We have good reviews and decent downloads completely organically... but we don't have more time to put into it now and while money trickles in from it needs expertise and time to grow it. We've posted co-founder requests on F6. We're open to someone keeping a solid chunk of any new revenue as commission. We are even open to selling the app. Basically we built this thing that people do like but we haven't figured out how to grow it or monetize it and we don't have the expertise or time to spend now but hate for it to just sit there.

Hard to give specific advice without knowing what the app is. If you’re interested in going down the sales route I can assist as I have sold several apps and developed 100s for clients.
On the revenue side, I am assuming your already tried a freemium model with in app purchase as well as ad supported? Do you capture users email address? Are you utilizing push notifications properly? How many DAUs?

Answered 5 years ago

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