Startup Therapy

The No BS version of startup life you've been looking for

We dive deep into the problems startup Founders face every day to unpack what's really at stake and how to actually solve them.


Episode 1

Recipe for Disaster

Is working on more than one startup idea the fastest way to failing at all of them?

Episode 2

The Emotional Cost of Being a Startup Founder

What’s the greatest cost in starting a company? Staffing? Capital? Or is it actually the emotional toll it takes?

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Episode 3

Stop Playing Games

How do you remove the mental and emotional barriers standing your way to happiness and startup success?

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Episode 4

A Mere Million Dollars

In an age of billion dollar startup valuations, a $1 million business must be a failure, right? Wrong.

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Episode 5

Optimizing for Happiness

How much are you willing to sacrifice to build the culture you want? Can you optimize for profit and happiness?

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Episode 6

Your Degree Means Nothing Here

What if the worst thing you could do is hand your team responsibilities based on their present experience and age?

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Meet the hosts
Wil SchroterFounder + CEO,

Wil is a serial Founder having launched 9 companies over 25+ years, 3 being venture funded and 4 having been sold. He generally argues that Founders need to take a much different view of how to build startups.

Ryan RutanFounding Partner + CMO,

Ryan is a serial founder with 5 companies spanning 3 continents, 20 years and 2 exits. He generally argues with Wil.

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