Nurture Your Day With These 4 Morning Rituals

Try to get the most of your life by making the most of each morning. Follow these healthy morning rituals and see how it will bring a change in your life.

May 15th, 2017   |    By: Vartika Kashyap    |    Tags: Success, Emotional Support

My grandfather usually starts his day at 5 a.m, followed by yoga in his favorite part of the lawn. Without fail he and his friends, are engaged in daily yoga practices. Back from yoga, he prepares for himself a healthy breakfast and enjoys it while reading a newspaper.

I was not an early bird—That is, until I realized how productive my days could be when following the morning rituals by observing my grandfather.

My grandfather has always been a great motivation for me to start off my day on a positive note. He believes, “morning is that time of the day which will make or break a good or a bad day”.

Rituals instill a sense of peace and builds a solid foundation for what you want to accomplish each day.

One day, my grandfather told me about the sleep schedules of Zen Buddhist monks. It really fascinated me to find out that they typically slept from around 10-11 P.M. to 3-4 A.M. I couldn’t believe it.

Though it was a gradual process, I started waking up earlier. It made me realize that the outcome of the day is often predicted by how you start and for a head start you have to be an “early bird”.

Morning Rituals of Successful People

‘The early bird catches the worm’

If you are thinking of modifying your morning habits—adding a few simple morning rituals will help you get the most out of your day. But first—What the heck are morning rituals and why should you adopt some?

Why Morning Rituals?

  • Morning rituals give you a chance to enjoy the luxury of time by rising at an appropriate time.
  • They develops a good habit of getting out of bed at a certain time.
  • You can start your day with a note “I did something good today for myself”.
  • It lets you combine your best habits together.

When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.Marcus Aurelius


Try to get the most of your life by making the most of each morning. Here are a few examples of morning rituals that you could add to your daily routine.

A stretching routine / Yoga

Start your day with power yoga or a stretch schedule to make your muscles fit for the day. Start with basic ones and then make it a routine. You will find it a bit difficult initially, it would soon become a habit and you would love doing it.

Stretching and yoga can be a great morning ritual

Jot down your goals or tasks

Identify the important tasks of the day and complete them as early in the day as possible. It will help you focus on your day and you won’t miss out on the priorities. It will make your life easy as you will utilize your energy in doing things that really count for your productivity.

Hot lemon water

While you are asleep, your body is dehydrated for a long time. So one of the best things you can do when you wake up is to hydrate your body. Avoid consuming bed tea or coffee. Consume a glass of hot water, you can add a slice of lemon to it. This is a good source of Vitamin C and will help to remove toxins in the morning. You would start experiencing the difference in your body.

A healthy breakfast

Say NO to that unhealthy stuff. Morning people should make a wholesome breakfast that includes proteins. In your routine include these 5 foods that can highly increase your chances of success in life. Health food will fuel up your body and provide you energy to remain focused whole day.

Be an early bird and focus on what you have to do. Do not start your day by waking up feeling stressed, negative and tired. Unfortunately, it won’t be of any benefit. The idea lies behind being proactive and not reactive.

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