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Fundraise Strategy

We create a comprehensive plan to align your fundraise with the right investor archetype.

Dedicated Team

Let a dedicated Startup Advisor and their team to develop a perfect pitch deck, find the right investors and walk you through your fundraise.

Fundraise Advisor

Focused on optimizing your pitch deck and managing the fundraiser process with you.

Deck Designer

Take those wonky Google Slides or Word Documents and turn them into stunning pitch decks and visuals.

Investor Research

Scan our database of 100,000+ active investors to determine who is most likely invest in your startup.

Learn from the Masters

70+ Deep dive Masterclasses with industry luminaries from YCombinator , Greylock, Venrock, and Maven Ventures about funding, scaling and strategy.

How to Think About Growth

Josh Elman

Partner @ Greylock VC

Fundraising Series Seed

Jenny Lefcourt

Co-Founder @ Freestyle Capital

Live Fundraising Sessions

Weekly sessions with our leadership team to work through strategies to optimize your fundraising campaign for success, from setting a valuation to choosing the right investors.

Pitch Deck Prep

We help you build a pitch deck that will get you funded.

Interactive Pitch Deck Audit

Our custom Pitch Deck Auditing system breaks down every deck into it's most essential elements, by slide, and applies best practices to ensure every slide is exactly what investors are looking for.

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Live Pitch Deck Masterclasses

Join our Founder + CEO Wil Schroter live every week to learn how to optimize your pitch deck for success and ask questions to help improve your pitch to investors.

Investor Outreach

We research 100,000+ investor profiles to determine the best fits for your fundraise.

Live Investor Datatbase

Get full access to our live investor database in addition to our Investor Research so that you can modify your searches and perform your own diligence as needed.

Comprehensive Fundraising Courses

Our funding courses are a very detailed walkthrough of every step of the fundraise process from setting up your fundraise, to how to get investor attention to how to close your round.

Customized Investor Research

Our Investor Research Team will uncover the best possible investor prospects from our verified database of over 100,000 investors in every sector at every funding stage.

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Having an expert advisor that knows what you're experiencing and has been through this before is incredibly helpful.

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