Meet the Crowd2Shelf Winners: Now Available in Staples Store

August 11th, 2015   |    By: The Startups Team    |    Tags: Idea Validation

They came, they crowdfunded, they conquered, and now it’s time to get to know them better. While the winners of the inaugural Crowd2Shelf contest come from different parts of the country and from different industries, they have one thing in common: they’ve created amazing products that are helping people do more.

We sat down with the winners and got some background into how they’ve grown into the incredible startup product companies they are today.

Wilmington, DE

Designed by LEDified, EVA™ is the world’s friendliest recessed light. They’ve combined the most efficient LED technology with an everyday practical element of a home: the remote control.

They’ve already pre-sold over 50,000 EVA™ units. Before EVA, LEDified’s founding team developed one of the largest solar companies in Australia. They decided to tackle lighting because consumers were dissatisfied with the limitations and ecological drain of standard lighting selections.

The crowd has spoken and confirmed the need for this solution: EVA was the fan favorite, bringing in over 23,670 votes and $140,505 in pre-orders. Future plans for LEDified include expanding their U.S. presence and implementing their own proprietary iDim platform to roll out additional follow on products.

Austin, TX

Plum makes lighting and appliance control easy and affordable. Their Wi-Fi enabled lightpad is the first product of its kind. Competitively priced and easy to install, it provides the incredible convenience of controlling your lights from your smartphone from anywhere in the world.

Plum has taken some huge steps forward since launching, with over $850K in presales and over 4,500 customers singing the praises of their home automation technology. The founder of Plum—Utz Baldwin—has been a part of the connected home movement since its inception and served as the CEO of CEDIA, the global organization that represents the connected home industry. Utz and the team at Plum are working to make home automation more accessible and more intuitive.

Tulsa, OK

nHand is the first accessory to make your tablet a truly handheld device. Made out of high-grade billet aluminum, nHand securely attaches to any tablet or laptop via the powerful 3M DuraLock re-closable fastening system. nHand also functions as a 3-way stand, and includes a built-in hook so you can hang it on the wall.

By attaching the nHand to your tablet, you can avoid the cost and headaches of dropping and damaging your expensive mobile device. Available in a range of beautiful colors, the sleek design is the perfect extension of your device. With over 21,000 supporters spreading the word during the Crowd2Shelf campaign, nHandprototype but now a necessary tool for tablet users everywhere. is definitely a product on the rise.

plug radio
Hollywood, CA

The plug radio is the Bluetooth speaker you’ve been waiting for. Plug it directly into the socket and you’re ready to stream music from your phone, listen to your favorite FM radio station, charge your phone, or even use the speakerphone for hands-free communication (making it perfect for the kitchen). Plus, the plug radio comes with a silicone stand so you can use it outdoors, and the long-lasting battery will let you keep on jamming for up to 10 hours.

Designed by Audio Affairs in Denmark, the plug radio is just 10x10cm, but its sleek design is jam-packed with useful features. Backed by over 900 people during their Crowd2Shelf campaign and selected as a Judges’ Choice winner, the plug radio is already in homes and offices around the world.

Los Angeles, CA

Jorno is the folding Bluetooth keyboard that fits in your pocket and allows you to type with ease anytime, anywhere. Founded in LA in 2010, Cervantes Mobile Inc. developed Jorno to enable creativity wherever, whenever. Whether you’re replying to an important email, taking notes in class, blogging from the plane or just capturing inspiration as you go about your day, Jorno is an essential tool for students, creatives and professionals everywhere.

Jorno is an award-winning design, with accolades including innovation awards from the Consumer Electronics Show and the Telecom Council. Despite its diminutive dimensions, the keys of the Jorno are only 9% smaller than traditional keyboards, making typing much faster and easier than on your phone or tablet. Additionally, the Jorno functions as a stand for your mobile device, ensuring optimal visibility whether you’re using the seatback tray table or your lap.

All of these incredible innovations are now available; shop here. Check out the crowdfunding store to learn more and be the first to own an award-winning Crowd2Shelf product.

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