Using the skills of Alexa to help you manage money

Alexa is more than just the voice of your bank account, with recent developments it's also able to provide advice based on the existent data, so you can control your finances more efficiently.

May 13th, 2017   |    By: Alex Pashkevych    |    Tags: Technology, Planning, Product/MVP

Using Alexa to help you manage money

When Amazon released Alexa, a speech recognition interface, many saw a great potential in this revolutionary technology. What is even greater about Alexa is that it is changing every single day, in better, as new features and new abilities are added to it. Due to this, new technologies are emerging and people around the world enjoy different exciting experiences. The idea of having intelligent personal assistance under the shape of revolutionary technologies is very attractive to more and more people. One of the most recent updates that concern the range of tasks Alexa can perform is to allow its users to check their finances and even manage money by just using voice commands. This skill was developed and released by Welto.IO, a financial cross platform.

Using Alexa's voice commands to help you manage money and finances

The CTO of Welto, Dmytro Sazonov, admitted to have been fascinated by the idea of humans communicating with computers ever since he was a child, Amazon’s Alexa being his dream turning into reality. But, getting back to Alexa’s ability to help you manage money and control your finances, you’re probably curious of how this technology can improve your daily life. For instance, with the help of Alexa, you can check to see how much money you have left in your account, what is your monthly income, what are your monthly expenses, and check on your financial goals. These are just a few examples of how Alexa can be used to keep track of your finances and manage money. At this point, it is more than obvious that artificial intelligence is not just a future plan, but already a part of our daily reality. And Welto is not about to stop changing the way you control and understand your finances.

In present days, the team at Welto is already working on their next project, which consists in modules that will be able to evaluate and predict your budget based on the info that will be constantly gathered. For instance, you will be able to see what bills need to be paid, how is the status of your budget in accordance with the set financial goals, how much you have until reaching the desired goals, if you are spending too much money and on what, or if your budget allows spending money on things that are optional. Practically, you will have a detailed view over your budget any time you want, fast, easy, and simple, without even looking on complicated bank statements don’t even understand. And Alexa is more than just the voice of your bank account, as it is also able to provide advice based on the existent data, so you can control your finances more efficiently.

Alexa's financial assistant may soon be incorporated into cars

Soon, this financial assistant may be incorporated in the future cars, so that people can enjoy it everywhere they go, as several vehicle manufacturers became interested in its potential. At this point, Volkswagen and Ford are two major automotive companies that presented among the available updates the possibility of integrating Alexa in the car’s computer. So, no matter where you go, Alexa will be there to provide the needed information.

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Hi, my name is Alex Pashkevych and I am a CEO and cofounder of Welto. We have teamed up to create a new kind of financial application that will count what matters to you the most. Our main goal was to create one eco system across multiple platforms that will track and manage your finances. The main problem with today’s financial application is the way you track your money. Welto fixes this by using new and innovating technologies.

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