Ubertesters: Making Beta Testing of Mobile Apps Easy

A simple but comprehensive tool for managing beta tests for mobile applications.

March 12th, 2017   |    By: Keith Liles    |    Tags: Mobile, Apps, Technology, Management, Tools, Strategy

There’s the developer’s vision of a mobile app and then there’s the reality of the app in the hands of users. The only way to make sure that the two are one and the same is to conduct beta tests.

If you find beta testing complicated – or you’re not even sure where to begin – then Ubertesters is the tool for you. Ubertesters is a cloud-based platform for managing the beta testing process of mobile apps “to ensure an accurate, fast and cost effective mobile testing process that results in a high-quality, flawless, mobile app.”


Figuring out if beta testing is right for your mobile app, as well as the perfect time for testing, is a good place to begin. Kissmetrics offers excellent recommendations to help make these decisions.

At some point, however, you will need testing. You don’t want to put anything less than a perfect product into your user’s’ hands, so you will need to learn if your app is functioning properly, if people enjoy using it, if there are any parts that are confusing or broken or that fail under different conditions…

And then there’s the testing itself, which presents a variety of challenges. How should you build your test? How will you track testing? What should you pay for different services?

Ubertesters answers all of these questions and more. The platform is designed to make the process of beta testing simple and effective from beginning to end. The software gives you the real-time answers that you need to produce the best product as quickly as possible.

From connecting app creators to skilled testers, build distribution to collecting feedback, crash and bug reporting, team activity tracking, managing builds and test cases, Ubertesters equips both in-house and remote teams with everything that they need to accomplish testing successfully.

To name just a few key features of the latest version of Ubertesters:

Users’ activity video-recording

The new video recording feature allows the developer to see exactly what had gone wrong before the bug/crash happened including essential indicators (CPU, memory, network, etc.). Also, a startup/new project team can easily get information about the main part of bugs at the MVP/RAT stage.

Improved enterprise services standards

The Ubertesters platform is now integrated into HPE Mobile Center, which is essential for better management of the crowd and mobile QA manual testing process on the way toward securely launching a better-rated app with better user experience.

Automatic SDK insertion

With the automatic SDK integration, the mobile manager can integrate the Ubertesters SDK in an easy, seamless way and eliminate the need to rely on mobile developers. The latest Ubertesters SDK auto-integration tool allows to make the integration process on-the-fly and doesn’t involve high-skilled developers in the process. As a result, the company could reduce development and testing time (and also costs) significantly.

Integration with Asana

All reported bugs and issues can now be pushed and exported to the system that customers like to work with.

Ubertesters SDK auto-disabling

Companies can launch a mobile app with the confidence that the SDK is disabled when moving to production mode. With the latest Ubertesters SDK auto-disabling you can avoid the situation when end-users will face with technical/beta-stage information.

All of the basic features of Ubertesters are available to businesses free of charge, which makes the tool even more ideal for tight-budgeted startups. A worldwide pool of beta testers gives developers the flexibility to test apps with people using their own devices in their own settings, so they can gain an accurate understanding of how their app will be received in real life.

Ready to beta test with confidence? Want to join a community of professional testers? Sign up for the platform or learn more about Ubertesters on the website here.

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