Slidebean: Professional Slide Presentation in Minutes

With Slidebean, templates and other presentation tools essentially put design on autopilot.

April 14th, 2016   |    By: Keith Liles    |    Tags: Pitching, Technology, Management, Tools, Pitch Deck

There are no doubt people who enjoy designing presentations, though chances are good that you’ve never met them or employed them at your business. That’s because presentations surely rank as one of the most common, painful, necessary evils.

Email might be a time suck, but at least it involves generating something new. With presentations, on the other hand, so much work goes into dressing up content that’s already been produced. Wouldn’t it be great to bypass the design work entirely?

Slidebean allows anyone to create a professional slide presentation with barely any effort on the design end, so that presenters can devote their energies to the information that matters most.



With Slidebean, templates and other presentation tools essentially put design on autopilot. The result is attractive slides, in far less time than it would take to prepare materials in, say, PowerPoint (and being able to deliver the presentation without suffering formatting migraines).

Slidebean is a cloud-based platform that works with any modern browser, so it’s easy for anyone to create a slide presentation anywhere, on any machine, and not have to worry that it might display differently on Mac or PC. All presenters need is the URL to share their slides with anyone.

Drop in your content – words, videos, graph data, and more – and Slidebean will make it look sharp without any hassles. You can alter fonts and colors as you please, but the templates have been curated carefully so that they look polished to begin with. What’s more, the template options have been geared specifically for the needs of startups and small businesses. Pitch decks, demo day and investor meeting slides are all at the ready.

Presenters can complete their work much quicker, without formatting distractions. A recently added feature, Presentation Insights, lets users track views on their presentations – to see who opened what slides, which slides received the most and least attention, etc. – so that refinements can improve presentations and the entire process of creating presentations be made more efficient.

Slidebean’s tools simplify creating presentations so well that they’ve already been used to produce over one million slides, while the company’s design blog receives 55K monthly visits. “People are wasting millions of hours preparing presentations the old way,” says Caya, Founder of Slidebean. “Creating and designing your content at the same time is a terribly inefficient process.”

Amen. Time to ditch the plugins, the Flash crashes, the tiresome coordinating of who’s able to view and edit slides. Sync your work, assemble presentations, and analyze your work more easily with Slidebean. Achieve your presentation goals without getting bogged down by endless formatting woes.

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