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March 29th, 2017   |    By: Keith Liles    |    Tags: Development, Management, Content, Tools, Customer Acquisition

Whether you’re a business, freelancer, or a PR agency, you’re going to have stories that you need to tell. Hopefully, lots of them – press releases, articles, interviews, blog posts and more.

Of course, there are professionals and plenty of online tools to help with every step of the process, from creating content to publishing, from sharing on social media to tracking results of a campaign. But before you shell out you’re hard earned money or attack each project bit by bit, you should have a look at Prowly.

Prowly is data-driven PR software and content marketing CRM for creating interactive content, distributing content, and measuring results. And the tools work so well that thousands of PR teams have embraced them, including those working for brands such as Deloitte Digital, IKEA, Spotify and National Geographic.


Prowly’s Story Creator enables you to easily drag and drop content into place. You can search and add content from your own files or anywhere on the web. The ability to add social media links and a wide range of media assets (pictures, videos, documents, etc.) in one place streamlines efforts and saves a lot of time. Stories are responsive on all devices. So, all in all, creating fresh content routinely is far less labor intensive.

The Audience Pitch component of the platform allows you to quickly send stories out to all of your contacts. Here, Prowly has analytics built in. The software segments your contacts based on previous reactions to your stories so that you can more effectively target your audience, identify your influencers and brand champions, and better gauge what content performs best.

Arguably the most exciting feature of Prowly, the Brand Journal, or interactive newsroom, serves as a real-time interactive journal where all of your important information and stories are kept. This space might resemble a magazine, blog, newsroom or another type of platform that best suits your needs. The important take aways are that it’s SEO friendly, it’s linked to all your social media channels, and it stores all of your press materials in one place.

If you want your stories and brand to be seen, Prowly offers a compact and smart solution. Prowly CEO and Co-Founder Joanna Drabent said, “The mobile revolution has completely changed the way we browse websites. People prefer images and videos over written content. The same goes for the expectations of reporters. They’re always busy, they process tons of content every day and want instant access to company news, assets or spokespeople. They need press centers that work fast, are responsive and give whatever content needed.”

Video-sharing giant Vimeo recently came to Prowly to fashion their new press center. Key features of the end product include:

  • Full catalogue of Vimeo’s announcements since 2010 available in one place
  • Easy access to contact details for all press or event inquiries
  • Related assets and releases available for each press release
  • Visual content – photos and videos – embedded directly into releases
  • Instant access to all Vimeo media resources: brand guidelines, B-roll and original programming assets

Commenting on the collaboration, Jessica Casano-Antonellis, VP of Communications and Head of Diversity at Vimeo said: “We needed a flexible newsroom design that would be intuitive and easy to navigate for journalists on the front end and our internal team on the backend. Visually, it was important to represent the creativity behind our brand and functionally it needed to support everything from hosting our brand guidelines to our original programming press assets. Prowly was the best fit to meet both those needs.”

Looking to wise up on your PR and content marketing? Explore what Prowly has to offer in greater detail by visiting their website here.

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