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MLOF is a simple tool that lets anyone create a free logo online, and not some napkin doodle logo, but a professional logo that will make your business proud.

May 8th, 2017   |    By: Keith Liles    |    Tags: Technology, Branding, Design, Product/MVP

It’s so easy to get hung up on the details. Don’t get me wrong, they are all important. Your logo, for example, is a key piece of your branding. But should you spend months agonizing over the fonts and icons used in your logo? Should you wait until you can afford a professional designer to create a logo before you go forward with your startup?

If your answer to those questions is “Hell, no!”, then you’ll want to have a look at (MLOF). MLOF is a simple tool that enables anyone to create a free logo in minutes – and not some napkin doodle logo, but a professional logo that will make your business proud.

MakeLogoOnlineFree (MLOF)

Making a logo truly couldn’t be any easier than using MLOF’s free logo generator. You enter the name of your brand, enter the category your business falls under, then click “create my logo design.” Within seconds, MLOF generates pages of logo options that you can choose from to download and call your own.

You can see sample results of the logo generator in action below from me typing in “I’m Outta Here” as the name for my imaginary travel company. I know, the name doesn’t exactly scream the next Expedia. It zipped off the top of my head. The point is that it took me hardly anytime at all to go from having just the faintest notion of a company to having boundless logo examples that might help define the spirit of my proposed venture.

MLOF is a fantastic resource for generating ideas if you have none, or if you lack the resources to pay for help. And I must say, if you’ve ever had any idea for a business, it’s great fun and motivation to browse logos and begin visualizing actually turning your dream into reality.

MLOF is also ideal if you have some notion of how you want your logo to look, but lack design skills. MLOF has a growing library of over 6,000 logo designs and 150,000 icons for you to play around with. You can combine designs, search for icons, mix and match until you’ve found your perfect logo. It’s easy to use. And it’s free! You can download and save as many logos as you like.

In their own words, the makers of MLOF say: “Use our Logo Creator to design logos online for you or for your clients. The logo generator is developed in a way to keep things simple for our users but also deliver top quality logo designs and to have almost unlimited options. In a few simple steps you can get free logos.”

Why not? If you want to create a logo – if you’re a designer and need to get the creative juices flowing – dash to and immediately start creating logos.

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