Is Networking a Waste of Time?

Most networking is a waste of time. That's not because having a useful professional network isn't helpful, it's because how we often go about it is really unfocused.

December 4th, 2019   |    By: Wil Schroter    |    Tags: Networking

"I'm seeing these events and groups popping up everyone asking me to network with other Founders, other marketers, devs, growth hackers, or anyone else in the startup community.

Between all the events, conferences, groups and whatnot — should I be spending my valuable time network or just focusing on my startup?"

If you have to ask, the answer is "No"

Most networking is a waste of time.

That's not because having a useful professional network isn't helpful, it's because how we often go about it is really unfocused.

Avoid random networking events

Sure, it's possible that if we go to SXSW we might happen to run into someone that can somehow be useful... someday...maybe.

But wouldn't it make more sense to put that time and expense toward setting up meetings with specific people who can help our startup specifically?

Sure, it will probably involve less gratuitous debauchery, but if going to a tech conference is the coolest way to have fun, we need to get out more!

Focus networking around a theme

Instead of showing up at random places and groups, we're better off picking a "theme" for our networking.

For example: "This year I want to network with growth markets in the e-commerce Beauty space."

Or, "I'm trying to build my Rolodex of quality mentors that understand SaaS businesses."

When we narrow our networking focus to a specific theme, it allows us to start narrowing what events (if any) make sense — but it also gives us the opportunity to proactively network.

Proactive networking is the real deal

If we have a theme in mind, we're better off spending our very limited time reaching out to specific people we'd like to meet and asking to get together for a coffee or meeting.

That way, we're growing our network while avoiding the ridiculous amount of wasted time in "hoping" we find the right person who we could just as soon have called.

So yes, networking is a colossal waste of time if we fall into the trap of chance encounters.

If we're not calling the meeting, we probably shouldn't be attending.

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