GoDaddy Will Help You Make Sure Your Logo is Better than Uber’s

So you need a logo but you can't afford a pro? Don't worry – GoDaddy's new Logo Design Service has you covered.

February 19th, 2016   |    By: Emma McGowan    |    Tags: Idea Validation

Today’s Favorite Find: GoDaddy Logo Design Service



Elevator Pitch

GoDaddy’s new Logo Design Service is “professional web services offering that enables GoDaddy customers to refine their online image with a logo professionally designed and customized to their requirements.”

Why We Love It

I’ve spent a good portion of the past four years on the internet. Scratch that — I’ve probably spent the majority of the past four years on the internet. As a professional blogger and a startup-focused professional blogger, specifically, I’ve looked at way more than my fair share of company logos over the years. There have been some good, some bad, and some terrible (looking at you with that new nonsense, Uber). And I’m here to tell you that your logo definitely matters.

But hey, I get it. Not all of you are designers, and not all of you can afford professional design. That’s why services like GoDaddy’s new Logo Design division are things I can get behind. While a logo from an independent designer can cost thousands of dollars, a logo from GoDaddy will only set you back two hundred bucks. The process is simple, taking only four steps that involve sharing business and design guidelines to the professional designers working with GoDaddy. Customers can expect their logo within three to five business days.

“GoDaddy Logo Design Service was developed expressly for small business owners, bloggers, consultants and other professionals with an online presence who are working to fine-tune their image and build a signature brand,” said Linnea Stenberg, Program Manager at GoDaddy. “The designer is available throughout the process to communicate directly with the customer to field any questions and ensure the finished product is perfect.”

Now, if you have the budget to work with an independent designer, I absolutely recommend going that route. The quality of work that comes from working with a great designer really can’t be matched. Unfortunately, though, the reality of the startup scene is that a lot of founders are struggling to even keep a roof over their heads. Dropping serious dime on a logo just isn’t an option. For those founders, we now have GoDaddy’s help.


Need a new logo but think you can’t afford a pro one? DO NOT DIY. @GoDaddy can help.

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