UserCompass: Send NPS Surveys to Get Customer Feedback

Two simple questions might change your company’s fortunes.

April 18th, 2017   |    By: Keith Liles    |    Tags: Technology, Management, Customers, Tools, Strategy

“You didn’t ask.” Of all the things a business should hope to never hear the customer say, this has to rank near the top. Because it is so easily avoidable. Because the fault for never asking falls entirely on your shoulders. There are even automated tools to help you learn more about what your customer is thinking – to ask without asking!

UserCompass automatically sends NPS (net promoter score) surveys so you can know what your customers really think of you and so you can track their loyalty over time.


Currently, UserCompass surveys your Stripe customers. All you have to do is connect your Stripe account. Then UserCompass will automatically send NPS surveys and give you their feedback.

The service strategically waits three days from the time of payment to send surveys, long enough to give customers time to use your product but not so long that the experience isn’t fresh in their minds. UserCompass sends no more than one survey every six months, so it doesn’t bother customers. As the business owner, you also have the ability to make adjustments to suit the particular needs of your business (frequency of surveys, email wording, etc.)

And because few humans would call themselves survey junkies, surveys are kept to two simple questions that “cut to the core of what your customers really think about your product.”

What do your customers love about your product? What do they dislike? How likely are they to recommend your product? Fast answers to questions such as these empower you to make improvements where necessary. This information gained provides you with opportunities to identify your brand champions and help them to promote you or to respond to negative feedback – showing off your awesome customer service and  defusing cause for leaving bad reviews before any damage is done.

Basically, UserCompass delivers actionable feedback that allows you to engage your customers and keep them happy, so you reduce churn and increase growth. No need to take revolutionary steps to advance your business unless they’re called for. With UserCompass, you get simple answers, clear insights, and avoid that dreadful reply: “You didn’t ask.”

Send up to 250 surveys free of charge to give the service a try. After that, UserCompass runs $29/mo. for up to 2,500 surveys. To learn more or to score early access, go to the company’s website here. (And if you think there’s no room for humor in startups, have a look at what Co-Founder Fred Rivett cooked up for the most recent April Fools’ Day.)

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