Five Ways to Upgrade Your Brand

January 26th, 2016   |    By: The Startups Team    |    Tags: Strategy

Let’s be real with each other: your brand might suck. But creative director, writer, artist and fire-starter Lalita Ballesteros is here to help you out, with five tips for improving your brand.

  1. You’re Here for a Reason

Lalita is a firm believer in always being authentic, so it is no surprise that the first step of her process is to get in tune with the inner you. In order to upgrade your brand, you first need to realize what what wisdom you can share with the world. This may stem from your passion, or even something that drives you nuts that you want to change.

  1. Teach it. Often. Consistently. Openly. Truthfully.

So you’ve figured out what you’re meant to teach the world, and now you need to get it out there. In order to do this, you need to be accessible. This is where content strategy is conceived: create a blog, an Instagram, send out a weekly newsletter, or write a book. Do whatever shines the brightest and most honest light on your brand. Do this often. The consistency of your effort shows your commitment to your brand.

  1. Make a Point of Selling the Truth

Have you ever been in a room with a new person, and the words they spoke hit you like a ton of bricks? They gave you that “aha!” moment and you thought to yourself, “Wow, s/he’s got a good point.” This is what you need to be because you are your brand—your brand is you. Your brand shares and sells your wisdom for you. This truth creates trust between brand and consumer and creates a connection in which both parties can be in their natural state.

  1. Let Yourself Be Seen

Let’s say you have a job interview, and you also have a sleeve of tattoos. The fear of judgment sets in, and you settle for a turtleneck—in July. This is hiding your natural self, and this does not create trust. If you want people to trust you, and ultimately your brand, then you need to be real because allowing yourself to be real gives those around you permission to be real with you. This step reflects the notion that what you put out there is what you attract.

  1. Start With a Simple Website and Don’t Make Promises

Except for one: the reason you’re here and what you intend to teach or solve. This allows your website to represent your body of work, also known as, your brand. Include your contact information so people can contact you about how you can help them.


See, that wasn’t so bad! Lalita, a thought leader in the marketing world, knows how to get down to the nitty-gritty and be real. If you found her tips helpful, also check out her website here.

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