10 Top Up-And-Coming Startups to Watch in 2018

These top startup companies are poised to blow up old industries and creating new ones in 2018.

February 23rd, 2018   |    By: Emma McGowan    |    Tags: Strategy

Let’s talk top startups of 2018. But first of all, did you know that entrepreneurs create more than six million new businesses in the United States every year? Sifting through those multitudes is impossible, even for startup junkies. And when you consider the high number of startup failures, the shifting sands of the startup landscape become even harder to track.

Top startup companies to watch in 2018

So how can you possibly know what’s good? How can you separate the wheat from the chaff? How can you ever know what the top startups are?

Well, one way is by relying on experts who interact with new companies every day. And it doesn’t get more expert than the team at Fundable, the largest business crowdfunding platform that’s exclusively about helping startups raise money. Fundable has seen more than $416 million committed on their platform, to a huge range of companies.

The site prides itself in representing a diversity of companies, both tech and non tech, and a diversity of founders. They’re also into taking a hands-on approach with all of their clients, which means they really know what they’re talking about.

Wil Schroter, CEO of Fundable, sees one major trend for top up-and-coming startups in 2018: a move away from tech-only startups and apps.

“In 2018 we’re seeing the startup world go through a massive transformation,” Wil says. “When tech companies started to aggressively move beyond the digital world and invaded physical industries like men’s razors (Dollar Shave Club) and even mattresses (Casper), it became clear that startup innovation wasn’t about writing code anymore. Massive companies can be built by just rethinking real, giant industries with a fresh perspective. Whether it’s Eco Pallet revolutionizing the pallet shipping industry or Tiny Farms building a next generation food product for the $28 billion pet food space, startups are now synonymous with blowing up old industries — not just creating new ones.”

So who are those companies blowing up old industries and creating new ones? We asked the Fundable team to which startup businesses we all should be watching. And while it was hard for them to choose, they managed to narrow it down to these 10 top startups to watch in 2018.

1. Tiny Farms

Tiny Farms Cricket Power

What it is:

Tiny Farms produces high quality cricket protein for use in pet food, healthy human food, and animal feed using a scalable, highly-modular proprietary farm system.”

Why it’s a top startup:

“The nascent edible insect industry has some serious legs (pun intended). Eating bugs is no longer solely associated with reality shows like Fear Factor. It has applications in pet food, feedstock, and *gasp* human consumption as a sustainable alternative to traditional protein sources. Tiny Farms’ unique approach to cricket farming is helping pave the way to widespread adoption, and they’ve got the support of some notable investors — including Zuck’s sister, Arielle.”

Ben Sheidlower, Senior Copywriter

Learn more about Tiny Farms here.

2. Fetch


What it is:

Fetch Package™ is the first off-site package solution for apartment buildings. Fetch accepts all packages at off-site warehouses, then provides scheduled, door-to-door delivery to residents. With Fetch, property managers never see resident packages again.”

Why it’s a top startup:

“This ‘last mile’ service is making big moves in Dallas — a city genuinely covered in apartment buildings. Getting your mail usually means running down to the lobby, hoping they’re open, then sorting through a bunch of packages to find your own. They do it for you, and apartments are covering the difference by charging their residents a mere $10 more a month. A bunch of room for more services (dry cleaning, etc) that require apartment access. Good foothold in a great market and growing. They’re also showing some serious funding traction.”

Briek Pauwels, Startup Consultant

Learn more about Fetch Package here.

3. Allomind


What it is:

“Home theater in your pocket.”

Why it’s a top startup:

“Let’s be honest, in-flight, seat-back screens were a game changer, but we can do better. Allomind has taken the screen directly to your face with their immersive VR glasses. With its sleek profile and huge screen experience you’re likely to forget you’re wearing them. Hell, you’re likely to forget you’re on a plane at all. And it’s not just a pretty package. Allomind offers a virtual feast of content with licensing deals including Fox, Warner Brothers and many more. With this product it really is all about the journey.”

Pat Gorman, Director of Consulting

Learn more about Allomind here.

4. ME.ME


What it is:

“The world’s definitive meme database and network.”

Why it’s a top startup:

“If it’s been meme-ified, chances are you can find it on ME.ME. As the ‘Giphy of Memes,’ ME.ME has created the ultimate one-stop shop for searching and sharing any meme in the world. The three co-founders, Stanford grads and longtime friends, have made some serious headway with their mega meme marketplace— serving up over a billion (with a ‘b’) memes per month with embeds on over 20,000 major media sites like BuzzFeed, The Guardian, and the LA Times, with backing from the creator of Giphy and founder of Gizmodo.

Ben Sheidlower, Senior Copywriter

Learn more about ME.ME here.

5. Eco Pallet

Eco Pallet

What it is:

A reimagining of the shipping pallet. Eco-friendly, lightweight, and safer.

Why it’s a top startup:

“The ubiquitous shipping pallet is relied on by virtually every company involved in material handling the world over. At just seven pounds, the ultra-lightweight, polystyrene-based Eco Pallet offers modern shippers huge cost savings compared to traditional wood pallets. They’re also built to handle up to 4,500 pounds worth of load capacity and are reusable and recyclable. The product has debuted to huge acclaim from over 50 active customers worth a potential $8 million in MRR. The team is hoping to ramp their product output to keep pace with a huge surge in demand. Not a bad problem to have.”

Kait Walrath, Project Manager

Learn more about Eco Pallet here.

6. BlockMedx


What it is:

BlockMedx is a new prescription management solution dedicated to breaking the cycle of opioid abuse through blockchain technology. Our platform is the world’s first and only completely secure, HIPAA-compliant, end-to-end solution for transmitting DEA Controlled Drug prescriptions such as prescription opioid pain relievers from physicians to pharmacies using the Ethereum blockchain.”

Why it’s a top startup:

“The opioid crisis impacts millions of lives every day, but there is no solution to combat the overuse of written prescriptions and the resulting proliferation drugs getting into the wrong hands. Using the immutable ledger of blockchain technology, BlockMedx hopes to help, collecting the data necessary to build long term solutions to the crisis. The team, with deep knowledge of blockchain, big data, and medicine (with two doctors on board!) is poised to make a big splash in applied blockchain this year.”

Briek Pauwels, Startup Consultant

Learn more about BlockMedx here.



What it is:

Interactive content and ads for ridesharing.

Why it’s a top startup:

“The ridesharing industry has been explosive over the past few years. Vugo is redefining the passenger experience by introducing infotainment in rideshare vehicles that is contextual to the passenger based on where they are going and trip intent. Passengers want to be entertained during their trip and businesses want to engage users in a contextual manner. Vugo is right at the crux of both and has inked deals with some of the largest players in the ridesharing industry.”

Matt Chimes, former Director of Consulting

Learn more about Vugo here.



What it is:

“NFANT Labs is a medical device and digital health company that uses real time biofeedback and predictive analytics to help clinicians identify, intervene, and track feeding problems in preterm infants.”

Why it’s a top startup:

Nfant Labs has developed a medical device and healthcare solutions that use real time biofeedback and predictive analytics to track feeding problems with infants. Anyone who has had a baby or been close to someone that has can understand the impending worry about a baby’s health. By having real time insights into infant feeding, clinicians and parents can have more clarity into the wellbeing and health of their infant.”

Kait Walrath, Project Manager

Learn more about NFANT Labs here.

9. MetaVRse


What it is:

“MetaVRse is North America’s leading Virtual & Augmented Reality Consultancy.”

Why it’s a top startup:

“There are over 1 trillion products listed throughout the web and the dawn of AR/VR is creating entirely new mediums for product browsing. As more purchases begin to take place through AR/VR experiences, brands will begin to transition their product listings into VR/AR ready 3D content. Creating 3D-ready content at scale has been a tricky problem to solve. MetaVRse has developed an automated technology that empowers brands to create affordable, accessible, and scalable 3D content for AR / VR experiences.”

Matt Chimes, former Director of Consulting

Learn more about MetaVRse here.

10. Mobile Doorman

Mobile Doorman

What it is:

Mobile Doorman specializes in developing custom, white-label mobile apps for apartment and condominium communities across the US. Our mission is to improve how residents interact with their properties with a convenient, user-friendly tool that helps them live smarter while helping property owners manage better, improve retention, and boost their bottom line through nextgen mobile technology.”

Why it’s a top startup:

“‘I can’t wait to take an hour out of my day to visit the leasing office’ said no one ever. We check our bank statements on our phones; we plan our weekends on our phones; we pay our bills on our phones. Why do we still need to write a check and hand it in personally to pay our rent? Mobile Doorman is improving property/tenant relationships one white-labeled app at a time by allowing for open communication, payment, and virtually everything else through one simple solution. It’s not surprising that they already serve over 28k units in 20 states across the US.”

Pat Gorman, Director of Consulting

Learn more about Mobile Doorman here.

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