RightGIF: Get Giffing on Slack the Right Way

If you've given up on GIFs in Slack because of too many "HR moments," RightGIF is about to make your life so much better.

January 19th, 2016   |    By: Emma McGowan

Today’s Favorite Find: RightGIF

Elevator Pitch

RightGIF is an easy Slack integration that serves up better GIFs.

Why We Love It

If your startup/company/team of you and your best friend isn’t on Slack yet, you will be soon. They’ve hands-down won the team management wars with their ridiculously rapid growth and super easy integration. However, one of the initial things that I loved about Slack — the GIF integration with Giphy — sucks.

Like, majorly sucks. Like, you end up sending out GIFs that will, best case scenario, confuse and, worst case scenario, get you fired. On our work channels, we’ve abandoned GIFs altogether, because the only humor we were getting out of them was laughs over how terrible they were. Now, I’m not a Giphy hater by any means — I use their site all the time to enhance articles that could use a little movement and humor. But their crowdsourced tagging means that they’re just not set up for randomly picking out a GIF for work.

RightGIF is! They’ve worked out a search algorithm that brings up GIFs (a lot of them from Giphy) that actually communicate what you want to say and won’t get you fired. You can even give it a shot on their website, where they let you type in a word or a phrase and then pull up a GIF for you. I put in a bunch of different phrases that I could see myself using on a work Slack channel and was very pleasantly satisfied with the results.

Now, of course, if you’re just using the Giphy integration because you like the inappropriate humor that can often come out of it (or if your startup is too small to have an HR department yet), then by all means: /giphy away! But if you miss your GIFs because that integration just wasn’t working for your team, get giffing with RightGIF now.


Sick of inappropriate #GIFs on @slackhq? Better giffing w/ @RightGIF

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