Q&A with Josh King Madrid, Millennial Influencer, Founder of Team Jet Set

Josh King Madrid better known as Jet, is a successful serial entrepreneur, investor, marketing specialist, coach and CEO of Team Jet Set, he specializes in the industries of e-commerce, marketing, business consulting, and fitness.

August 6th, 2017   |    By: Jennifer Spencer

Team jet set millennial influencer

Q) Where did the idea for Team Jet Set come from?

Josh King Madrid: Team Jet Set came from me deciding to surround myself with people who wanted to win in all aspects of life, who wanted to go beyond the normal expectations and raise the standards. I wanted to create a winners circle of millennials. I wanted to surround myself with entrepreneurs who thought on the same wavelength as I did, individuals who had a growth mindset.

When I was younger, I didn’t have people who had the same mindset or aspirations as me around, so I had to create the environment that I wanted. There was no place for anyone, Millennials specifically, to be able to reach out and find someone making a difference that could mentor them and teach them how to attain the same success and happiness. When I was younger, I used to have massive goals, but my friends would have disbelief because they were too small minded and did not believe those things could be attained.

So, the idea came across when I decided to create a healthy environment where it was safe to dream again but most importantly a support team to actually turn these dreams into plans, more than anything I wanted to create a positive collaboration of people empowering others rather than a negative self-centered competition which only empowers one person.


Josh King Madrid: The first step I would say was that I immediately started to make sure that I put in the necessary effort to attain the proven results. I believe too many people are focused on looking good instead of actually being good and I knew if I wanted to create a powerful brand with quality individuals, that I needed to become a quality individual myself first. I made sure that I worked on the Team Jet Set brand with any free time I had, between my multiple business ventures and the brand, I was working 16+ hours a day. Millennials don’t have quite the best reputation in having real results or doing anything serious. Being so much younger than others, I knew that I had to work 10x harder and smarter than everyone else so I can prove that success can be accelerated and doesn’t have to be attained at 30+. Nowadays age doesn’t determine someone’s ability to succeed or create a successful business, it comes down to purely two factors, experience, and work. I knew that my commitment level had to be great, and I had to focus on building my business at all times, not just when it is convenient. At the end of the day, I had to make sure I created results so that when I started to network with other entrepreneurs I had credibility behind my brand. This has allowed me tons of opportunities that have positively impacted my life.


Josh King Madrid: The biggest mistake I would say I made, would be believing that I could do everything on my own instead of outsourcing and having team members working on a specialized task in the beginning of my brand, I ended up spreading myself too thin by trying to take on every task. I learned now that I should try to focus on what I’m best at instead of trying to do everything because it allows me to dramatically improve my skills for maximum results and the same goes for everyone else on the team. There is a saying that states “if you want to go fast go alone if you want to go far, go together”, this is the glue that keeps my brand together and growing.


Josh King Madrid: When I bought my first pair of shoes with my own hard earned money in 2nd grade. My parents loaned me about $15 to buy wholesale beanies from China on a website like Alibaba or something and I retailed them at school and winter camp to the other kids, I even convinced their parents to buy the beaners for them and I ended up making like $40 profit. This one experience made me realized that I was able to get anything I wanted, I just needed to find out the right information, have an insane drive and work ethic. That small accomplishment has led me to accomplish every goal in my life sports wise, relationship wise, materialistic wise, and most importantly impact wise. It shaped my belief level to 1000% and boosted my inner-confidence through the roof. I think it is very important to treat everything in life as a win, no matter how big or small it may be. Once you get used to winning as a habit, you’ll never accept a loss. Things will just start to always go in your favor.


Josh King Madrid: My dad would always tell me “One day you’re going to be 30 years old, and you’re going to look back and say either, “Wow, I’m so glad I did that” or  “Wow, I wish I would have done that” but either way you will be 30, so do something today that will make you say “I’m glad I did that”. ”

Delayed gratification is one of the biggest takeaways that I think has helped me reach success and anyone reading this should take this trait and master it. If you’re looking to buy something now, or get a job now, or go to school now instead of building a brand or business, saving your money, or taking a risk; then you will never be able to reach your full potential, ever. A lot of people go through “what ifs” because they make impulse decisions with the current moment and situation in mind instead of with the end goal & outcome in mind. Don’t do what you want right now, do what you need to do right now, even if it may be what you don’t want to do. Sacrifice and do things others currently won’t so one day you can have what others don’t. You must have a long term purpose and a goal that dominates your actions and decisions every single day.

You can find Josh here:

  • Team Jet Set: teamjetset.com
  • Facebook : joshkingmadrid
  • Instagram : jetsetfly
  • Snapchat : joshkingmadrid

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