Did Polymail Solve the Email Problem?

Everyone hates email. Everyone except Polymail users, that is.

March 3rd, 2016   |    By: Emma McGowan    |    Tags: Idea Validation

Today’s Favorite Find: Polymail


Elevator Pitch

Polymail is “the most powerful platform for email productivity in a beautiful native app — on desktop and mobile.”

Why We Love It

Look, no one really likes email. In fact, people’s avid dislike of email has brought us everything from Slack to multiple apps trying to fix the problem that is email. And perhaps no one hates email more than startup founders, who spend even more time than the average Joe glued to their email inboxes.

And while I’ve written about quite a few solutions to the email problem over the years, I have to say that it looks like Polymail has finally, actually solved email. They’re still in closed alpha, but, from all reports, this is the email app we’ve been waiting for.

Okay, so, first of all they have excellent tracking, so you know exactly when each and every recipient of each and every email actually opens it. If you want to send an email later, Polymail has a super simple email scheduler that makes sure your missives get out at the exact right time. And speaking of timing, those emails that you just can’t deal with at the moment can be put on “snooze,” which means they’ll disappear from your inbox until a time that you set, at which point they’ll pop back up again. Finally, Polymail offers an unsend option within the first several seconds of sending and a one-click unsubscribe for all of those newsletters that you didn’t realize you signed up for.

Oh, and did I mention it’s beautifully designed as well?

Like I said, Polymail hasn’t quite launched into open beta yet but you can sign up on their website to make sure that you’re right up on there on the list to get this awesome new mail client as soon as it’s available.


Everyone hates email. Hate it less with @PolymailApp

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