Password filling still remains a pain point

There is a major pain point when logging into different services—because there are too many steps to do just that. But, there is room for improvement—So, lets implement it as soon as possible.

January 9th, 2017   |    By: Samuel Athlan    |    Tags: Product, User Experience (UX)

Yes, I am sure that you have already encountered this use case when buying the last iPhone 7 and you have to login on every app you have on your phone…


And, sometimes (often), you don’t remember the password you chose ages ago, and you have to click on “I forgot my password”, I am sure you feel dumb to click on it, and you are right to feel like this..because you are 🙂

Actually, did you know that password management company exists? They can store all your passwords securely? Have you ever heard of 1password, Dashlane or LastPass? Personally, I use 1password that allows me to have as much passwords as I want to keep my online life secured. It is encrypted and is everywhere when I need it (on all my Macs, on a Chrome plugin and on my iPhone).

But, the point of today is that, nowadays, it becomes a real pain point to login to different services because there are too many steps to do just that. (e.g : going to 1password app, then copy the email used, then go to the desired app, then paste the email, then comeback to 1password app and do the same for the password)

It hurts!

But guess what, 1password provides an API that can be used in every app (for ~2 years, actually), which allows third-party apps to propose 1password directly in the register/login process.


I am now asking every app creators a question : Why ?

  1. Why isn’t this automatic on every new app?
  2. Why don’t you care about making this process easy for your customers?
  3. Why haven’t you start by this simple integration?

There’s simple room for improvement and I’d like to ask to every Product Manager at every company to implement it as soon as possible. 🙂

Thanks in advance—you’re already making everyday awesome, let’s just push it a level further.

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Samuel Athlan

Samual Athlan is a product manager at StarOfService and an entrepreneur. Happiness & Productivity are his keywords. Proud father. Follow me @samuelathlan & on Medium.

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