How To Write a PR Pitch

Need a public relations boost but struggling to find the angle? Actually writing the pitch is the hardest part. Here are some tips to get you over the hump with PR pitching.

May 18th, 2017   |    By: Kayla Medica    |    Tags: Development, Pitching, Public Relations (PR), Customer Acquisition

Need some PR for your project? When you’re launching a new business or product, or simply need a bit of a boost, PR can be helpful. Assuming you’ve done the due diligence (read the publication first, make sure you’re a good fit, look up the editor etc etc), actually writing the pitch is the hardest part.

How To Write a PR Pitch

Here’s a template style list of questions to answer (actually write these down!)

1. What do I want?

I want to increase sales.

2. What do I want from the publication?

I want one online article, one Instagram shout out, published in print.

3. What does the publication want?

Stories of business owners, content to fill pages.

4. What can I give the publication?

A giveaway, thought leadership, something else.

5. What is the value of my offering V the value of what I receive?

I’m offering $500 worth of product in the giveaway and an Instagram post is worth $X with their number of followers.

6. How can I make it easy for them?

Have headline suggestions prepared, and already have an interesting twist or angle. Attach professional pictures so they don’t have to get it, a media release with a founder profile/story if you have one.

7. What value does the publication’s audience get?

If they buy my product they will be happier.

Once you have these answers, write your pitch. You can combine answers in one sentence and rearrange the order so what you say flows.

Writing the actual words is the hardest part, so get someone to look it over before you send it. Don’t write big long paragraphs and don’t write so little so that they don’t know what you’re pitching.

Make sure you address it to the correct person, look them up on LinkedIn if you have to. Also think about when you’re sending them an email — is this a company that works with deadlines?

Find out that deadline and pitch at the least stressful time of the cycle. If you’re going for something that prints, remember that it might be a while before your story sees the light of day so it shouldn’t be time sensitive.

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