The Full List of 400+ Slack Communities

Communities built on Slack are skyrocketing, see the full list.

April 9th, 2017   |    By: Alex Kistenev    |    Tags: Development, Technology, Management, Design, Communication, Startups Live, Planning, User Experience (UX), Product/MVP

We’re excited to see how communities on Slack are steadily growing day by day. People from different countries and backgrounds discuss a various range of topics in these communities. It is a source of valuable information and contacts we use every day at Standuply while building a Slack bot for remote Agile teams.

The Full List of 400+ Slack Communities

We decided to compose a list of Slack communities for your own good. It took us several weeks and after we the list contained more than 400 communities. You’ll see number of members in brackets.

I. Product Talks

🚀 Startups and Product Development

  • Startups Live (n/a): Twice-a-week chat with Founders of startups.
  • MindTheProduct (6201): International product community. A good one!
  • Startup Study Group (6014): Growing community of helpful founders, investors, and advisors.
  • Startup Chat (5200): One of the largest and most vibrant startup community on Slack. Paid membership
  • #Launch (4297):Community of like-minded entrepreneurs, designers, developers, & makers
  • ProductHunt (2834): Official ProductHunt community on Slack
  • #TechMaster (2705): An online community tying together a diverse and passionate group of technologists, entrepreneurs, and developers from all around the world
  • Product Manager HQ (2200): Chat, and learn from the world’s largest Slack product community with people around the world
  • Trello Community on Slack (1629): The Trello community on Slack is a way to share advice, ask questions and connect with each other in meaningful ways.
  • Product School (1187): Product Management courses in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and New York
  • Amateurpreneur (1169): Small and medium business and businessmen
  • Support Driven (11020): Community for SaaS support professionals
  • Founded X (1000): Global community of startup founders
  • Moltin (872): E-commerce APIs
  • CreativeTribes (750): Group about entrepreneurship and startups, growth hacking, productivity, and business and marketing strategy
  • SaaS Comunity (650): SaaS founders & professionals
  • Digital Artisans (281): Place where pixel artists, code poets, copywriting wordsmiths and masters of the digital arts can escape the confines of solitude and aid in each others enlightenment
  • CollabHub (173): Find partners and teammates for your startup
  • (154): Curated lists of the best startup tools and the startup community
  • LemonStand (138): eCommerce Platform
  • #Agile (137): Chat community for talking about all things agile: from software engineering to scrum mastering, methodologies, culture, process and anything else
  • eCommerce Lounge (78): Online stores and internet marketing
  • #Smaillbiz (n/a): Small and medium business talks
  • #FemaleFounders (n/a): Startups founded by Female Founders
  • Business China (n/a): For Chinese interested doing business in America, or American’s interested in doing business in China

🖌️ Design, UI/UX

  • Designer Hangout (6000): UX designers and researchers from around the world
  • Spec Network (5600): Chat with community of 5,000+ designers and developers
  • UpLabs (3353): Web and mobile professionals talk about design, development and provide feedback
  • Team Sketch (2000): Sketch designers
  • UX Design Community (1328): Community for UI/UX designers from all over the globe
  • Animation at Work (928): Web animation and UI animation folks
  • UX Mastery (896): UX careers and jobs
  • UXGuide (480): For people interested in UX, product design, and the general art and science
  • Open Design (102): Non-profit organization to improve the design industry
  • Everything Design (68): Design critiques, tools
  • #pttrns (n/a): All things design, tools, gossip, resources or just hang out
  • MotionDesign (n/a): Community of designers, animators, illustrators, and all types of digital artists
  • Anchodesigns (n/a): Car Designers, Artists, Web Design & Developer, Application Developers, Tattooist, Product designers, Sketchers, Cartoonist and anyone who wants to hire them

🎮 GameDev

II. IT -talks

⌚ Smart Watches & Gadgets

🛠️ Hardware

  • Hardware Theory (50): Discuss the latest in IoT, robotics, 3D printing, and everything else hardware


  • A-Frame (1283): Open-source framework for creating WebVR experiences with HTML
  • WebVR (1024): Javascript API that provides access to VR devices, such as the Oculus Rift or Google Cardboard, in your browser
  • VR Creators Network (700): VR-related community
  • VR Theory (300): Group discussing the latest in Virtual reality and Augmented reality
  • VRsites (164): Community for VR and Janus VR related discussions
  • VR Folks (n/a): Slack group for folks working on virtual reality

🔋 Internet of Things

🤖 Bots

  • Slack Developer Hangout (2696): Community of developers for Slack
  • Botmakers (1562): Bot fans who make and share online bots for Twitter, Slack, and other networks
  • Chatbots and AI Group (68): A slack community of Bot & AI enthusiasts who help each other learn, build, and promote chatbots across various platforms

📂 Big Data

☁️ Clouds

  • Cloud Foundry (3271): Platform for cloud applications
  • Firebase (2343): Cloud services provider and backend as a service company
  • Google Cloud Platform Community (1971): GCP lets you build and host applications, store and analyze data on Google’s scalable infrastructure
  • (594): Cloud deployment service and free global DNS
  • (374): Continuous deployment cloud hosting
  • OpenContrail (261): Open-source network virtualization platform for the cloud
  • Microsoft Azure (206): All aspects of Microsoft Azure, ask questions and get answers
  • Cloud Native Computing Foundation (190): Linus Torvalds (Linux) foundation
  • AWS (123): Community of Amazon Web Services users around AWS event

💻 Miscellaneous

  • (5056): Developers bringing fire to the people
  • Stamplay (848): Advanced platform to build with APIs
  • HackClub (450): After-school coding club for high schoolers
  • Hacker Hours (303): Free office hours for programming help
  • Women in Technology (300): Space for women who work in technology to chat and support each other
  • Microsoft Dev Chat (246): For developers working with Microsoft technologies
  • Ansible Network (224): Cross-company SMB communications based on Slack
  • Silicon Prairie Tech (206): Group of chat channels for prairie-based developers, designers, marketers, and other professionals
  • IT Crowd (199): Community of IT Professionals
  • Open Minded Innovations (185): Collaborative network of entrepreneurs, developers, and makers
  • LGBTQ in Technology (n/a): Space for LGBTQ people in technology to chat and support each other

III. Programming Talks


  • (13000): JavaScript library for real-time web applications
  • EmberJS (7099): Open-source JavaScript web framework, based on the Model–view–viewmodel (MVVM) pattern
  • BabelJS (4248): Compiler for writing next generation JavaScript community
  • Meteor Chef (2608): JavaScript web framework written using Node.js
  • Node.js (1627): Runtime environment for server-side Web applications
  • Telescope (1584): Open-source app platform built with React and powered by Meteor
  • AngularBeers (940): AngularJS & Web Technologies, 1840 meetup members
  • AngularAttack (752): Angular Hackathon community
  • BoroJS (524): Conferences for the JavaScript community
  • VueJS (479): MVVM for building interactive interfaces
  • Metalsmith (434): JavaScript Static Site Generator
  • JSData (466): Framework-agnostic, datastore-agnostic JavaScript ORM
  • PouchDB (338): Open-source JavaScript database inspired by Apache CouchDB community
  • ReactJS (238): ReactJS News
  • Reindex (183): Instant GraphQL backend for React apps
  • EdgeJS (141): Edge.js communityAngularJSn/aJavaScript framework
  • Monax Library (n/a): Monax provide a macro to create optimizing Monads and their syntactic sugar


  • Laravel (11300): PHP framework community
  • PHP Chat (397): Community of PHP programmers from around the world
  • PHP_UG (284): Global scene of PHP programmers


  • iOS Developers HQ (9600): Community for iOS developers
  • Swift-lang (1748): Programming language community
  • iosstack-friends (680): The App Guy Podcast
  • Zewo (490): Open source libraries in Swift for modern server software
  • Open Swift (101): Swift Group
  • tvOS (201): Community for developers working on Apple TV apps using UIkit and TVML/TVJS


  • Android Chat (3141): Place for conversation between developers, idealists, entrepreneurs or geeks
  • Android United (2000): Community of professional Android developers
  • Android App Makers (173): Free community for android developers
  • HashtagAndroid (129): Chat with other developers and stay up to date with Android

Ruby, RoR




  • Ratpack (337): Set of Java libraries for building modern HTTP applications



  • Elixir (9101): Elixir community
  • Atom (8799): Text editor for the 21st Century
  • Ionic Worldwide (7749): HTML5 Hybrid Mobile App Framework
  • Clojure (7054): Clojure community
  • Code Newbie (5984): Chat for beginners in programming
  • Kotlin (3945): Statically-typed programming language that runs on the Java Virtual Machine and also can be compiled to JavaScript source code
  • Elm (3498): Elm community
  • Functional programming (3154): Programming paradigm
  • Devchat (2881): Group of software developers who come together to solve problems and learn
  • DC/OS (2650): Open source platform enabling enterprises to easily build and run modern apps in production
  • Grails (2237): Web application framework community (Groovy version of Ruby on Rails)
  • Slashrocket (2078): Slashrocket is a community of over 1,000 developers of all backgrounds
  • DCTech (1831): Tech talk for DC about different frameworks and programming languages
  • EMC {code} Community (1717): One of the largest Open Source focused Slack teams in the world
  • Dist-sys (1323): Distributed Systems and Computing
  • APIs You Won’t Hate (1221): APIs, REST, SOAP
  • Cordova (1135): Mobile application development framework
  • Erlang (1095): Erlang community
  • SAP (1000): Experts, consultants, developers, mentors and students using SAP
  • (874): Content Application Platform
  • (672): Online resource and podcasts about programming
  • Full Stack Developers United (590): Full-Stack Developers community
  • Redox (471): Community of digital health application developers building integrated solutions for health systems
  • Parse (306): Parse community
  • USENIX LISA (300): USENIX Association and LISA Conference
  • Mitmproxy (264): Console program that allows traffic flows to be intercepted, inspected, modified and replayed
  • Maki (229): Web framework community
  • Dataloop Support (221): Cloud-scale monitoring for microservices
  • TypeScript (116): TypeScript community
  • FlyElephant.Net (110):Platform, which provides a ready-computing infrastructure for high-performance computing and rendering
  • Racket (108): Multi-paradigm programming language in the Lisp-Scheme family
  • Chameleon (95): Platform for user onboarding and website tours
  • Yo Developers Community (79): Discuss Yo API, integrations, features and more

IV. Tech Talks

📊 Databases & Administration

  • Kubernetes (6715): Automated container deployment, scaling, and management
  • MacAdmins (6400): OS X Admins
  • DevOps (3003): Slack Channel dedicated to chatting and learning about DevOps
  • WinAdmins (1848): Windows Admins
  • The Spatial Community (1335): Geodatabase
  • Realm (764): Database for mobile apps. The chat is mainly for Japanese developer
  • Postgres (527): Object-relational database management system (ORDBMS)
  • OSQuery (303): SQL powered operating system instrumentation, monitoring, and analytics
  • MySQL (291): Open-source relational database management system (RDBMS)
  • RethinkDB (237): Open source, NoSQL, distributed document-oriented database
  • VoltDB (154): In-memory database
  • Apache Cassandra (40): Free and open-source distributed database management system


  • WordPress (11458): Community for the teams of people who contribute to the WordPress open source project
  • CraftCMS (2805): Content-first CMS
  • Sitecore (1092): Sitecore CMS
  • Shopify Lovers (800): Online store engines, CMS, Shopify
  • Perch Chat (537): CMS for content-based websites
  • AsgardCms (500): Modular and multilingual CMS
  • Ninja Forms (136): WordPress form builder
  • SpinaCMS (123): CMS for Rails developers
  • AlchemyCMS (88): Open source Rails CMS
  • WP Business (63): Questions, resources, frameworks, tools, invoicing, clients, newsletters, taxes, help and more on WordPress

🛡️ Security

  • OWASP (801): Open web application security project
  • Binary Ninja (642): Discussions about BinaryNinja — a reverse engineering platform
  • DFIR Community (595): Community for security folks interested in Digital Forensics & Incident Response
  • SAFE Network (473): Secure data storage and communication platform
  • Penetration Testers (n/a): Cyber security and Hackers group

💉 Testing and QA

  • Testers (2000): Software testing community

📃 Tech Documentation

  • Write The Docs (806): A community focused on all things related to software documentation

V. Finance and Marketing Talks

🔊 Online Marketing

  • Online Geniuses (7306): Internet marketing community
  • Ghost (5000): Publishing platform for professional bloggers
  • Buffer (2332): Global real-time community for social media and become better at social media by learning from one another real-time
  • Keen IO (1332): Analytics system
  • (800): Inbound marketing, curated content
  • Marketers Chat (798): Affiliate marketing, CPA, mobile offers etc.
  • SumoMe (704): Website traffic tool
  • Growmance (646): Growth hacking
  • CROtricks (496): Conversion Rate Optimization Experts Community
  • Programmatic Heads (230): Programmatic Marketing
  • Women in Sales (223): For women working in sales roles who want to connect and learn from each other
  • Customer Retention and Happiness (134): Community of people who want to retain users, and talk about product changes, and marketing techniques
  • Mobile Creatives (n/a): Mobile development and marketing

💰 FinTech and Finance

  • Stellar (1701): connects people to low-cost financial services to fight poverty and develop individual potential
  • Mondo Developers (871): Mobile bank
  • ClosingBell (255): Stock market traders community
  • Finances (249): Chat for different financial aspects
  • Finances (245): Finance discussions
  • #Investing (n/a): Investing professionals, finance experts, real estate lovers, & everything money
  • VC Club (n/a): Group of VC’s, angels, advisors, and founders

💱 Crypto-сurrencies and Blockchain

  • Storj (4656): Decentralized Cloud Storage from
  • OpenBazaar (3128): Protocol for e-commerce transactions in a fully decentralized marketplace
  • Colony Community (2727): Decentralized platform for creating new kinds of startups, governed on the blockchain
  • (2012): Open source Bitcoin client software
  • LBRY (1714): Content sharing and publishing platform that is decentralized and owned by its users
  • SuperNET (1599): Association of the most reliable blockchain technologies
  • Etherium (1500): Decentralized platform for applications that run exactly as programmed without any chance of fraud, censorship or third-party interference
  • Blockstack (1196): Decentralized DNS for blockchain applications
  • Expanse (1195): Open Blockchain Platform
  • Bitnation (1172): Decentralized Autonomous Organization
  • Dash Slack (669): Open sourced, privacy-centric digital currency with instant transactions
  • NXT (634): Blockchain platform
  • Bittrex (522): Digital currency exchange
  • Micro (472): Microservice ecosystem. Simplifying building and managing distributed systems
  • Coinality (428): Service connecting employers and job seekers with opportunities that pay in digital currencies
  • Shadow Project (371): Digital currency
  • Project Radium (351): Blockchain project
  • BitShares (291): Decentralized exchange
  • Daohub (248): Platform for use by DAOs
  • BlockchainWorks (76): Niche platform dedicated to growing talent in the Blockchain space
  • Crypto Community (n/a): The oldest and largest crypto Slack community

VI. Local Talks

🌍 Africa

🌏 Asia in general

  • Focus Asia (479): Professionals from the tech/startup scene in Asia

🇦🇺 Australia

  • DEVANZ (1143): Developers of AU & NZ + friends
  • View Source (1115): Web Developers from Australia/New Zealand
  • WP Australia (400): WordPress community
  • (271): Front End Developers in (Western) Australia
  • PerthStartup (128): Slack for the Perth Startup community
  • Australia VR (126): Network for developers and industry professionals

🇧🇪 Belgium

🇧🇾 Belarus

  • (753): Belarusian IT chat

🇧🇷 Brazil

🇨🇦 Canada

🌴 Caribbean

  • Caribbean Hub (114): Entrepreneurs and professionals from the tech and startup industry in Caribbean

🇨🇱 Chile

🇨🇴 Colombia

🇩🇰 Denmark

  • Devdk (625): Danish web-tech community

🇫🇷 France

🇩🇪 Germany

  • Startup Berlin (1000): Startup Berlin Group is for all of us who push the entrepreneurial scene in Berlin
  • SwiftDE (566): Swift in German
  • Paperless Pioneers (329): For all pioneers of the paperless office
  • BerlinJS (281): German user group focused on JavaScript and related topics
  • (274): WebDev talks in German
  • Frankfurt Developers (232): Frankfurt Hackers, Engineers and Developers community (in German)
  • Berlin Techs (219): Place for techies who live and work in the Berlin area
  • (97): Die Community für Webdesigner
  • TechMunich (56): Techszene in Muenchen
  • Slack lernen (34): Die kostenlose Community um Tipps und Tricks, rund um das Thema ‘Slack’ zu erfahren

🇭🇰 Hong Kong

🇮🇸 Iceland

🇮🇳 India

🇮🇩 Indonesia

  • UXID (436): UX community in Indonesia
  • Jakarta JS (326): Jakarta JavaScript User Group

🇮🇱 Israel

🇮🇹 Italy

🇯🇵 Japan

🌮 Latino in general

  • #700 (2000): Latino Startups and Devs
  • DevOps LatAm (48): Para todas las personas de latinoamérica. Es un slack de DevOps en español

🇲🇽 Mexico

  • JavascriptMX (415): JavaScript Meetups in Spanish
  • GDLJS (286): JavaScript Conference in Spanish

🇳🇿 New Zealand

🇵🇷 Puerto Rico

🇷🇺 Russia

🇷🇸 Serbia

🇸🇮 Slovenia

🇰🇷 South Korea

  • Weirdmeetup (1895): Everything related IT area, developers, designers and weird people
  • Code for Seoul (118): Development in Korean

🇪🇸 Spain

  • KIWI Devs (339): Spanish-speaking community created to share materials related to the development
  • CatalanTechCat (107): Catalan debate group for tech, startups, entrepreneurship, design, app development and job offers

🇨🇭 Switzerland

  • WebZuerich (149): Deutschspaechige Chat fuer Zuerich

🇹🇭 Thailand

  • Chiang Mai (304): Startups scene in Chiang Mai City

🇺🇦 Ukraine

🇬🇧 United Kingdom

  • Tech London (3620): Entrepreneurs, startups, investors, design agencies, internet marketers and freelancers in London
  • Webperformance (490): London front-end community
  • Frontend London (422): Another front-end community in London
  • PHPem (138): PHP East Midlands (UK) tech community

🇺🇸 USA

🇺🇿 Uzbekistan

VII. Miscellaneous

✈️ Freelancers

  • NomadList (4000): Social network for digital nomads
  • NomadEntrepreneurs (850): Nomad List finds you the best places in the world to live and work remotely
  • Freelance Chat (700): Connect with other freelancers and start sharing your stories, experience, and knowledge
  • Remotive (311): Remotive Slack has several chat rooms, acting as a virtual water-cooler where we share jobs, tips and cool vibes
  • Remote Work (256): Remote work community
  • #OnlineCareer (256): Remote workers worldwide
  • VA-Chat (102): Virtual Assistant community
  • Workfrom (n/a): Remote workers, freelancers, entrepreneurs and distributed companies all over the world

🎲 Games

👵 HR

📚 Education

  • We Learn JS (800): Group for self-organized people, who are willing to learn JS properly
  • Learncoding (304): Learncoding community
  • (226): Online education for beginners, intermediate and expert web professionals
  • Future of Learning (n/a): Future of learning, including alternative education, new school, life schools and lifelong learning

# Slack

  • Learn Slack (331): Learn about Slack and share cool tips and tricks
  • Modtalk (200): Slack moderator community
  • Slack Admins (147): The first community for Slack Admins

🔥 Products & Companies

  • Nylas N1 (2413): Open source desktop email client
  • TiSlack (1050): Titanium Community on the web from the Appcelerator Platform (native apps, mobile APIs, real-time analytics)
  • Clearbit (646): Business Intelligence APIs
  • AirBNB Hosts (604): Chat with other Hosts from all over the World
  • GitBook (561): Documentation and manuals writing tool
  • Data Look (406): For people who are excited about solving social problems with data and code
  • eZ Community (361): Open content management system for building customer experiences on and beyond the web
  • Akeneo PIM (147): Product Information Manager based on Symfony2 and OroPlatform

🌿 BioTech

  • BioBreaks (n/a): Growing biotech community on Slack

💛 Other

  • Coders For Sanders (1942): Collective of developers, designers, and creatives working to elect Bernie Sanders for President
  • Radiant Music (1541): Music community
  • Grasswire Newsroom (1373): Community of people from all over the world who care about honest, accurate news. We source, verify, write and edit unbiased news stories that matter
  • We Fast (1130): Intermittent Fasting (IF) Club. IF is one of the most compelling methods to enhance human longevity and other performance metrics
  • Street Workout (860): Outdoor sport
  • Talk Coffee (750): Coffee beans, roasting, Bay Area
  • Code for San Fracisco (629): Brigade of Code for America
  • SlackDads (555): Dads on Slack
  • Starters (497): Sport-tech community
  • Code for DC (463): Brigade of Code for America
  • Strong Towns (388): Non-profit organization
  • Kingdom Builders (372): Bringing together followers of Christ from modern technology fields
  • CannaSlack (328): Growth of the cannabis industry
  • The Spoken Word (283): Audiobook and podcast enthusiasts, fans and creators
  • #Podcasters (271): Podcasting and podcasters
  • Hikers & Backpackers (218): Community of backcountry enthusiasts
  • Cinereelists (217): Chat for movie geeks: streaming, torrents etc.
  • X-Wing Games (187): X-Wing Miniatures Games community
  • Hack Productivity (167): Productivity tips
  • #MusicBiz (123): Slack Community for the Music Industry
  • StarWarsChat (120): A community of Star Wars fans, chatting. About Star Wars. Mostly
  • Happy Docs (51): Community of medical professionals who discuss efficiency strategies, latest advances in the industry, navigating our practice in the EMR era and simply connecting with one another
  • Sci-Fi and Fantasy (50): Folks who like Sci-Fi and Fantasy of all types and mediums
  • The Prepper Times Slack Community (34): Global real-time community for us to share our passion for prepping and to learn more about it in order to be ready for when the SHTF
  • AudioML (30): Community for people interested in processing audio and teaching machines to understand it
  • Green building (n/a): Green building enthusiastic
  • Vapor Hangout (n/a): Vape community
  • The Music Tech Network (n/a): A global community of creators, disruptors, remixers, visionaries and influencers at the intersection of music and technology
  • Liberty Convention (n/a): An organization for the reform of the U.S. Federal Government through amendments to the Constitution and legislation
  • YTubers (n/a): for YouTubers
  • Slack Docker (n/a): Chat for dockers and maritime workers

Thanks for reading till the end! Do you know any other communities on Slack that are missing here? Please leave them in the comments below.

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Thanks for your interest in our work. So we decided to make a website with all 1000 communities, and it’s trending on Product Hunt today 🔥

We’d like to invite you to check it out. Take a look at what we’ve done and join the discussion. You will find us as 1000 Slack Groups on Product Hunt.

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