F*ck Big Announcements — Small Victories Drive Startups

Startups aren't about big announcements. They are about being in the trenches every day getting just one more small victory.

November 14th, 2018   |    By: Wil Schroter    |    Tags: Announcements, Planning, Strategy

We all love celebrating the big wins with big announcements.

We celebrate our big product launches.
We celebrate key partnerships.
We celebrate when we raise a big funding round.**

**BTW — you really shouldn’t celebrate a big raise. That’s like celebrating more student loan debt.  Sure, it might help… but, now you owe someone a lot more money.


Celebrate small victories

All of those sound amazing — and sometimes they are.  But, what gets lost are the victories that actually matter: the small victories.

Small victories are what lead to the big announcements. But, they often get overlooked for one reason or another. Things like:

The first paying customer you signed.
The first month you broke even.
★ The first customer acquisition campaign that actually yielded positive results.

When we talk to startups, they often hide these victories and think of them as insignificant — all because it doesn’t compare to Airbnb raising $850M on a $30B valuation.

That doesn’t matter.  That didn’t come out of the blue. It came because that company focused on incredibly small victories and won.

Startups aren’t about big announcements.  They’re about being in the trenches each and every day to get just one more small victory like:

★Making a customer happy because you answered an email immediately.
★ Convincing that one person you know to trust you just enough to do some design work for you gratis.
★Making payroll. (!!!)

Those aren’t small achievements.

Those are the most important achievements! They shouldn’t be overlooked — or worse — ignored.

The only way to endure the day-to-day struggle that is building a company from nothing is by truly appreciate every forward move — no matter how slight. Celebrate small victories. They add up quickly.

Celebrate small victories. They add up quickly.

If you’re waiting for home runs all day — you’re going to be waiting a long time. That’s not how this game is played.  It’s a daily struggle, but in the end it’s how big victories are won.

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Wil Schroter is the Founder + CEO @ Startups.com, a startup platform that includes BizplanClarity, Fundable, Launchrock, and Zirtual. He started his first company at age 19 which grew to over $700 million in billings within 5 years (despite his involvement). After that he launched 8 more companies, the last 3 venture backed, to refine his learning of what not to do. He's a seasoned expert at starting companies and a total amateur at everything else.

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