Breakout Contacts: A Super-Powered Sales Leads List

BreakoutContacts uses some pretty slick AI to comb through, analyze, and validate hundreds of data points per company and person for sales lead lists.

May 25th, 2017   |    By: Steph Newton    |    Tags: Technology, Sales, Management, Tools, Networking

As a founder working on his newest project, Andy needed really good leads. But most “email list” companies sell you a load of crappy emails; and only emails.

He wanted key influencers, specifically at tech companies, and he wanted email and phone and social links. So he built BreakoutContacts to do it.


It uses some pretty slick AI (artificial intelligence) to comb through, analyze, and validate hundreds of data points per company and person. Then, and this is the part that too many services skip, good ol’ fashioned human effort kicks in to manually re-verify everything.

The process is slow. Like, never-will-this-ever-scale slow. But, Andy has been able to get a 100% conversion rate on the contacts he’s reached out to. There’s nothing more powerful than following an email with a phone call or text message!

Of course, he can’t promise that for you (you gotta hustle!), but early customers of Breakout Contacts have seen an average of around 80% conversion rate.


That literally CRUSHES the normal 1-2% for crappy cold email lists.

Because Andy loves startups, and he wants more of them to succeed, he launched Breakout Contacts to make this available to everyone.

The folks at Product Hunt are loving it, too.

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