A Day In The Life of a Startupper

A crazy day in the startup life. 🚀

May 7th, 2017   |    By: Alexandros Ivos    |    Tags: Strategy

Startup Life: A Day in the Life of a Startupper

Someone that becomes a Startupper is usually someone that has identified a specific problem or need and is super focused on creating the best solution. It is that hyper focus that allows small teams in garages to compete with Fortune 500 companies.

But as a startup CEO or core team member, you have hundreds if not thousands of tasks to complete and staying focused can become an issue. That’s why one of the key competencies an entrepreneur should have is discipline and an ability to focus on each problem at once all while not losing the larger picture.

Below is a video of a crazy day in the startup life, not an average one.

The day begins by waking up and checking all emails and responding. It is also productive to map out the beginning of your day making you more efficient in your tasks.

On this specific day, I had to give a speech at Panorama Epixirimatikotitas which took place in Megaro Mousikis. My speech was called “Ο Επιμένων Νικά” (Ancient Greek: The Persistent Wins) and highlighted all the failures we have had with starting and launching Doobbear thus far.

Sidenote: Doobbear is an audio social network, a mobile app available on iOS and Android where users can share 18-second audio recordings with their followers.

I focused on the mistakes that we’ve made as a team and not so much on the wins we’ve had, because it is important to note that nothing happens overnight. Today’s media loves an overnight success story, but the truth is, it doesn’t exist!

I mentioned all our failures and what we’ve learned from them and we are still here growing and in a better place then ever! After the speech there were many great questions from young ambitious individuals and I had the opportunity to give more insight to people that are just starting their own startups.

When all this finished which lasted for about 3 hours, the team and I were off to the Papastratos Startup/Scaleup Awards where Doobbear was nominated for “Innovative Service”. I pitched Doobbear and our new Alexa Skill to the judges. It was ok, Alexa didn’t work that well, but we had a backup plan and the judges understood the concept.

Later there were intensive 15 minute one to one sessions with extremely experienced mentors such as Apostolos Apostolakis from Venture Friends. They gave us great feedback on various topics that can make our startup better. Feedback is at the core of what we do and when you are building something from zero, it is essential in creating something that will provide value to others.

Finally the awards ceremony came after some food, and the winners were announces. We won the award for “Innovative Service”! It was a great experience and after all the celebrating, interviews, networking, we went back to the office and worked on some things till 4am.

The next day Sunday we woke up early to continue working. The day before belongs in the past and we optimistically look forward to the future with passion to make it even better! A Startupper’s work never ends, and the startup life is always full of creative surprises!



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