How Do I Get People to Take Me Seriously?

"I feel as though every time I walk into a room people are judging me before a single word even comes out of my mouth. What can I do to get people to take me more seriously as a Founder?"

November 11th, 2019   |    By: Wil Schroter    |    Tags: Emotional Support

Getting taken seriously as a Founder is real work.

It's not some entitlement that's handed to us when we've achieved some career milestone. No matter who we are, we all have to fight for our ability to get taken seriously.

Why do I need to work so hard, shouldn't people reserve judgment?

That would be fantastic, but the world just doesn't work that way. Especially among Founders whose credibility is tested on so many fronts — from acquiring customers, to pitching investors to hiring staff.

Our ability to establish our credibility early and often is critical to our success from the moment we found the company.

How can I change the way I present myself in a room?

Believe it or not, body language sends huge signals.

A well-presented Founder will talk more slowly and deliberately, hold eye contact with everyone in the room, even square up their body with whom they are speaking.

Conversely, a very junior or anxious Founder will talk faster, often look down at the floor or away, and have more of a crumpled posture or folded arms.

Individually, you wouldn't think the signals matter — but collectively they are two completely different people presenting.

What should I say to show I know what I'm talking about?

As Founders, we often have a single area of expertise that leads us to become a Founder in the first place.

If we're a chef and we're developing an app for in-home food prep, we should lean heavily on how much we know about food prep, even if we don't know a lot about app development or fundraising.

We often "forget" to establish our credibility by leaving a lot of our credibility left unsaid.

We're better off saying "I've been preparing meals for 9 years, in that time I've plated over 2,500 meals for thousands of customers including these major corporate clients (rattle off names!)."

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