Why Startups Are Failing to Build Effective Online Teams

If you want to create the A-team of online workers, you need to adapt to these strategies...

April 26th, 2017   |    By: Wade Harman    |    Tags: Culture, Remote Work, Planning, Strategy

Do you have a startup business and are looking for an effective online team to keep it rolling?

You have probably been thinking about how you are in need of hiring affordable, reliable talent for your company. However, a lot of startup business owners fall into the same old traps when hiring effective remote workers for their business, causing their company to slow down on the road to success.

There are five top mistakes business owners make when looking to build an effective online team. I want to discuss how you can avoid these mistakes and create the dream team for your business as quickly as possible. Then you can begin building your business on a foundation of great workers.

Why Startups Are Failing to Build Effective Online Teams

#1 – You Don’t Know What You Need Outsourced

Most startup owners know they want a great team behind them, but they don’t realize what they need to outsource. This is a crucial mistake. Before you begin looking for remote workers to give assignments to, you need to understand what you can do and what you will allow the worker to do for your company.

This is when you need to sit down and organize every task you know is needed to run your business successfully. Don’t leave anything out. From the website CSS to the social media posting, make a list and understand fully how your business is run. This is a good strategy to practice because you begin to get to know the nuts and bolts of your company, thereby causing you to be more familiar with jobs and what you will need.

Once you have determined what you would rather have outsourced, you can start looking professionals in each specific field. This way, you can build a remarkable online team from the outset and your team can get started on providing value for your company right away.

#2 – Hiring ‘Cheap’ Versus Aiming for a Remarkable Online Team

I know it’s tempting to skimp and save when it comes to this aspect of your business, but, as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. Don’t feel bad, you’re not the only one who has thought about saving money for your company in this area of remote hiring. However, you sacrifice quality for savings when you hire someone who doesn’t have the necessary background to do the job correctly.

Cheap workers aren’t invested in your business. It is proven that their communication is subpar, not to mention the long hours they will work to try to bridge the gap in the amount of pay they actually want to receive from you.

You can still find the perfect worker who will be both beneficial to your business and your budget all while getting the job done in good time and the right way the first time.

#3 – Not Sharing Your Vision or Expectations

One of the mistakes new startups make when hiring remote workers is how they miss the opportunity to share their personal vision and expectations of the company with their workers. In the beginning, this is important because your workers need to have a clear picture of where you expect them to be in their work.

Allowing them to take a peek inside your mind and see what you see makes them take ownership of what you have. When an employee has ownership of your company, they work like it’s their company and you will never have to worry what your remote workers are doing that day because you know they believe it’s their company too.

When you share your expectations with your workers, they understand when you want communication, when you want to be updated, how long they should be working on different projects, etc. Make sure you share with them how much you want to be communicated with, or if you want a weekly or daily meeting to go over what has been done that day. As a result, you will have a remarkable online team that is in partnership with you and not just clocking in for their next paycheck.

#4 – Not Training Your Worker Correctly

The only way your startup business can attain success without too many setbacks is if you take the time to properly train your remote workers. As you know, the communication barrier can be difficult since you may be halfway across the country from your employee. Knowing that you have trained them well, however, can give you peace of mind.

Get with your worker and explain the process of what you need them to do. Please remember to continue to ask them if they understand the process. If they say they do, continue. The important thing to remember is this may be the first time they’re seeing the way you do something, so be patient with them. Allow them to ask questions and get familiar with the process.

One great way to train someone to be part of your remarkable online team is to find your favorite instant messaging service and go through the training via chat rather than voice call. This way, the worker has a reference to go back to if they have to.

#5 – Not Listening or Asking For Feedback

Do you know the reason why some businesses seem to have all the luck when it comes to building effective teams? It’s because they allow freedom to share ideas and creativity within the company. Be a boss who listens to your workers. Don’t be the person who doesn’t allow someone to speak their opinion about a specific project or idea. When you do, you handcuff their creativity. It’s also possible that someone other than you has a great idea, too.

Always have an open mind and continue asking for your workers’ opinions and feedback as you enter into a new stage, or continue an old stage, of work. How can we make this better, more productive, etc.? You will be surprised at how the creativity will flow when you give free reign to your workers to express their ideas and feedback about your business.


Do you have a startup and are trying to not simply hire more people to help you run the company, but to build a highly-effective online team? If you are, don’t fall into these traps. You may be used to working alone and without a team, but if you want your company to succeed, you need to adapt to these strategies in order to create the A-team of online workers.

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