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Don’t know the first thing about finance? No problem. We’re demystifying the process so you can set up your first income statement and manage your finances in Year 1 and beyond.


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by Matt Wool

If you haven’t addressed your financials lately, it’s a good time to tackle the following steps — they’ll help secure your company’s future.


by Carmen Sample

Don’t be afraid to kiss a lot of frogs — if nothing else, they will help you define the vision of what you don’t want and will ultimately lead you to the team you depend on.


by Emma McGowan

Here are the best startup tools of 2018 that will help you build out your business as quickly, cheaply, and efficiently as possible.





Comprehensive, guided courses how to validate your idea, acquire your first customers and secure funding

Data science pioneer Mike Greenfield explores how data-driven decision-making can transform your company's future.


Money. We know it's on your mind. Learn why customers are the key to unlocking revenue, and how to get and keep paying customers.


8X startup founder Steve Blank explains what makes a startup a startup, and how it all ties back to the people who matter most.




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