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1. Paid targeted traffic to a sales page. 2. Free giveaways of one book, hoping to get paid sales of another. 3. Podcast/radio show guest appearances discussing the book's topic. 4. Get an authority talking about your book. 5. Affiliate marketing--get one of your books included as content or ...


The decision to raise equity capital would be made based on these criteria: (a) Size of your market: Is it a big market, meaning you have a chance to hit $100M in revenue in 5-8 years? (b) What is your YoY growth rate? (c) Will infusion of equity capital help you greatly accelerate your YoY growt...


It really all depends on - if your putting in any money - How much your salary will be (market rate or lower)? - existing investors - if they're revenue generating - how long the companies be around Essentially it's the risk profile of the company that you're coming into. If it's an idea and yo...


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