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Hi - so happy to hear your company is growing so well in a very advanced field. From my experience please consider the following. (I can email you additional things but here are key concepts) 1. Intellectual Property Is your "old" IP properly protected as you enter the JV? Now what happens to ...


Well, that's a first. I don't usually answer questions here on with my electrical engineer hat on. Shielding materials vary depending on the frequency distribution of EM waves emanating from the source. The same medium will have a greater or lesser attenuating effect for high and lo...


People hate calls. People hate emails. People hate mail. Do you really want your first impression to be that of an interloper and a pusher? Then again, most recipients aren't event going to look at what you send them. What is your niche? Office managers for private family healthcare providers i...

Continue - great resource with price ranges and minimum orders shown. If you know what you are doing you can usually negotiate to the terms that you desire with the prospective supplier. Let me know if you want to jump on a call and find the right supplier together.


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