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Parse is indeed one of the best for user accounts, IAP tracking, custom push, analytics and user data sets. You can watch this video on Youtube for some basic understanding of the Parse platform.


Great Question! First off - where do you have your blog hosted? Most blogging platforms (Wordpress, Tumblr, etc) provide automatic RSS syndication for posts and content. Best of luck! Let me know if you have any questions!


Planning software projects — especially estimating timelines — is a consistent challenge for developers. When I ran an agency, I constantly struggled with my team's ability to hit deadlines until I figured out how to plan more effectively. I've written up my approach here:


Excellent question (and excellent answers here too). I'm 18 months into my start-up. That's 18 months of learning what is essential to survival and what is a waste of energy and space. Here is what is helping me most: 1. Communication essentials: Business cards (, laptop, phone, and Int...


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