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I think this is a great idea. As an entrepreneur who wants a lot of stimulation when I'm vacationing, I love the idea of mixing business with pleasure. If I can go on an adventure that sparks ideas and problem solving for my business, I'm in. And I think there are many similarly minded entrepr...


You'll need to learn more about, and better define your two personas: A) The type of company willing to pay for t-shirt based advertising B) The type of person that will to wear it. To do this you'll need to access communities where you think those personas would hang out (either online, or in ...


I'd love to hear more. I'm a travel professional with 9 yrs in the industry.


Hi, I've got years of experience in sales and small business management. While not travel-focused, I may be able to help. Why are you so focused on a direct-sales approach? I know travel agents that frequently sell adventure travel products for operators. Have you properly analyzed all ...


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