I'm starting a new business where I design and build unique custom wine corks. I want to have them through out the country in Gift stores, wine shops etc. There all 100% hand made in Tennessee but I don't know the first thing about shipping and record keeping and or closing deals wine corporate wine and gift stores.

I would keep my answer crisp with actionable steps

The best way you can start with is Social Media. What I mean is since you already design them, create an Instagram account and add realistic mockups.

Also start a YouTube channel that helps your customer see who you are and create a want in them to buy from you.

You can create your personal brand first and then selling won't be a problem.

Through your personal brand, try giving free samples to households first. Take their testimonails. Their pictures. Include them in your videos. Have a weekly vlog where you visit a new house and document their experience.

Then with this data, go to the shopkeeper and say how you have done a personal research on why your product is better.

Hope this helps

Answered 3 years ago

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