Deepika Shah | Marketing + Branding Helping you be Financially Independent

Helping you find your Profitable Niche & Build your Personal Brand. I create Content, Video & Strategy

I initially started with being an Instagram Consultant and then turned it around into a Personal Brand.

Today, I own a Clothing Brand, have created more than 100 videos which has more than 300k views, Business & Video Consultant.

I have been featured in Newspaper, contributor to a Feminine based Magazine, a Social Media Influencer, completed LinkedIn Mastery Certification from LinkedIn


✔ The Combined reached of my Instagram Account is 1m and currently has 107k followers. Achieved the same for my US-based clients.

✔ Previous Clients

✨Being Human ( Celebrity Brand )
✨ LinkedIn Learning Instructor Sam
✨TIR Global ( Global Personal Brand )
✨ Fusion Beats ( Popular Clothing Brand )
✨ 109° ( Popular Clothing Brand )

✔ More than 100k views for my Video Content on Trell

✔ Featured in National Newspaper for my Business Storytelling Skills and Your Story

✔ Contributor writer at ROAR FEMININE Magazine

✔ Social Selling Expert through Videos

⚡ How can I help YOU?

✔ Start your own Business
✔ Video Marketing
✔ Create compelling Stories for your Brand
✔ Instagram done for YOU services
✔ LinkedIn Mastery
✔ Corporate Training with regards to Social Media and Winning Mindset
✔ Build your Digital Course

Recent Answers

Yesterday was my birthday (17th June) and I got more than 200+ birthday wishes.

Why I'm telling this because if you use LinkedIn properly it can be your biggest lead magnet + money making machine. I have worked with LinkedIn Learning and completed their Certification course..

You can definitely find amazing jobs on LinkedIn through your personal network alone

Hope this helps

I would keep my answer crisp with actionable steps

The best way you can start with is Social Media. What I mean is since you already design them, create an Instagram account and add realistic mockups.

Also start a YouTube channel that helps your customer see who you are and create a want in them to buy from you.

You can create your personal brand first and then selling won't be a problem.

Through your personal brand, try giving free samples to households first. Take their testimonails. Their pictures. Include them in your videos. Have a weekly vlog where you visit a new house and document their experience.

Then with this data, go to the shopkeeper and say how you have done a personal research on why your product is better.

Hope this helps

You already have your niche. Startup's.

Now in order to gain more exposure to your services and market them you can start with content creation on popular Social Media channels. Your content proves your expertise.

When you apply the right CTA to your content you literally are creating a lead magnet for your potential clients. The best place you can start with is Instagram + LinkedIn

Hope this helps

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