i want know how to get clients

i have been in this platform and never know how to go about even getting my first client till now.


Here's a quick rundown on how to get your first client;

Conduct Target Market and Prospect Analysis. This is the most important part. Most people never spend enough time on this. You need to have a clear understanding of your target market and who your prospects are. All that work doesn't sound fun or sexy, but fuckin do it.

Run A Competitor Analysis relevant to your niche. The internet is full of trash so make sure you research the winners and not losers.

After collecting all that data from the last 2 steps. Create a minimum viable offer based on the research you just did.
Then ...

Get your ass out there and start getting as many people to
and to hear about you.
Start off doing Discovery or Strategy call's
Post on Social Media channels, Facebook, LinkedIn, or
Alignable offering your sessions
In-Person Events
Answer answer questions and help people here

Keep at it consistently, then you'll get more than one client.
It's going to take some effort, but be consistent and you'll be surprised at how many client you can land within 1-2 Months.

Lastly, DON'T be like the 95% of people on facebook, instagram and just the internet who sells and gets a client but KNOWS THEY CAN'T provide what that client needs.

Separate yourself from the losers, be honest and have some integrity. Which will work overall better for you and gets you more clients because your legit and can be trusted.

1) Conduct Target Market and Prospect Analysis
2) Competitor Analysis
3) Get Your Ass Out There and Prospect
(Assuming your not a marketing badass like yours truly)
4) Offer As Many Free Sessions You Can (Except Here)
5) Be Consistent and Don't Waver

Call or Don't Call. Just hope that helped s you out!!

Answered 4 years ago

1. Make sure to list yourself in all 3 categories and fill in all the information in your Clarity profile.
2. Answer as many questions as possible - with quality answers!
3. Set a reasonable starting price.
4. Be patient. Clients will eventually come. Don’t expect too many though. Although Clarity is an amazing platform, it unfortunately seems like the founders/owners have stopped promoting it. Not sure why or if this is true but I’ve never seen any online promoting.
I’ve helped 350 startups and would be happy to help you as well. After booking the call send me some background information and the questions you’re interested in having answered.
Good luck

Answered 4 years ago

This is highly dependent on what you're selling + your personal style (introvert or extrovert).

Hint: Introverts generally tend to be richer, because they figure out how to scale income with minimal or no contact with people.

Answered 4 years ago

Very simple. People are looking for trust and that is why it is necessary to have a social credit skill if you can attract the attention of others and you can make money.

Answered 4 years ago

Increase your activity, tell people about yourself and your services to increase traffic. I hope you will succeed!

Answered 4 years ago

Value-based relationship sales complement the traditional approach to sales. For so many years, professional life has operated on the assumption that clients are rational and relatively unaffected by emotions. The assumption is that they need help to buy in the form of reasonable arguments, clinical data, hearings, and conferences. One group of people who have really taken this rational behaviour to heart is specialists. They seem unaffected by the fact that their arguments, studies, clinical data, and analyses are far from the only reasons that affect whether the client buys or does not buy their products and services. Your personality and attitude, not to mention the chemistry and trust between you and the client, is the deciding factor in whether or not the client buys and continues to buy from you, along with recommending you and your products and services to other people. Studies show that around sixty percent of all failed sales meetings fail for two reasons, neither of which has to do with the product:
1. The cultures of the two organizations and
2. The chemistry between the seller and the buyer.
In so many sales situations, the seller focuses on the product and its wonderful characteristics. Even if you have the best product in the world, though, you have no guarantee that you will achieve success among your clients. Many people overlook the importance of building, nourishing, and expanding their relationships with their clients. Even in cases where they do not overlook the importance, the attempt tends to be half-hearted.
In Denmark, there is a tradition centered on not talking about our feelings, even though we know that clients use not only their heads but also their hearts and intuition when deciding whether to buy a product or service. A lot of people think the emotional side is too informal, fluffy, or unprofessional. Research shows that clients tend to buy more often or in higher quantities when three feelings are present in their relationship with the seller:
1. Trust: The client needs to feel like they can count on you and that what see and hear is what they will get. In other words, they want to be sure that you are authentic.
2. Confidentiality: What the client says, shows, and thinks must stay between the pair of you. There must be a level of mutual confidentiality and, for that to be possible, you need to have something personal to bring to the table, as well. The relationship needs to be informal.
3. Taken care of: The client needs to feel that they are being taken care of. They need to feel that you are genuinely interested in helping them achieve success and that you will take care of them in general.
To earn these three qualities of Trust, Confidentiality and Taken care of you must follow these steps:
1. ACTIVELY PARTICIPATE IN FACEBOOK GROUPS: A lot of people have been throwing around the idea that “Facebook for business is dead.” Since Facebook pages now have an exceedingly small organic reach, it is easy to assume that the whole platform is useless. Facebook pages may be going through that angsty teenager phase, but as a whole? Facebook can be a killer way to find clients and build your business. Join Facebook groups where your ideal client might be hanging’ out. For example, if you are a graphic designer, you might want to join groups geared at bloggers or small business owners, as these are people who would need your services. Then, rather than being spammy or self-promoting, be outrageously helpful when people ask questions in the group.
2. CREATE BLOG CONTENT THAT IS WRITTEN WITH YOUR IDEAL CLIENT IN MIND: One of the best, non-spammy ways to get clients is to write blog posts that your ideal clients would want to read. Are you a personal stylist? Share tips with the most flattering styles for each body type. Are you a copywriter? Write a post about how to create an awesome “About” page. Are you a web designer? Share advice about how to use WordPress. This will not only reel them in to your site but will also give you a chance to show the immense knowledge you have in your field.
3. PERFECT YOUR CURRENT CLIENT PROCESS TO RECEIVE MORE REFERRALS: Take a moment and literally map out (on paper) what your client process will look like. Try to be awfully specific and streamline your process so that everything flows. Perfecting your process and making everything as smooth as possible for your clients will increase the chances that your clients will refer their friends or peers to you. If they loved working with you, they will be quick to share your expertise with everyone they know. Here is an example of a client workflow:
Initial emails >> Phone consult (sometimes) >> Contract >> Deposit Invoice >> Questionnaire >> Proofs (Rounds 1, 2, 3) >> Final Invoice >> Installation >> Phone call instructions (if needed) >> Thank you email
4. ANSWER QUESTIONS ON TWITTER: Many people take to Twitter looking for advice and recommendations from their peers. In this tip, you will be searching for those people and helping them out. Try searching for things like:
1. #(keyword)help
2. Hiring a (keyword)
3. (keyword) recommendations
It’s very simple but can be an incredibly effective way to find people who need what you’re selling right now.
5. WORK WITH CLIENTS WHO HAVE A LARGE, ENGAGED AUDIENCE: Instead of waiting for a big-name client, why not approach one yourself? To seal the deal, you could offer your services at a steep discount or even for free. Many people with large followings may be eager to receive free or discounted services in exchange for social media promotion or your link on their blog. It does not hurt to try and can have a huge impact on your business if you approach the right person. Just make sure that if you take this route, you are getting enough out of the collaboration.
6. BUILD AN ACTIVE SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE: Social media builds trust and expands your reach. They key here is to also be a normal human being — not a salesperson. Sprinkle your business into your usual posts, sharing behind the scenes snippets whenever you can. Your clients want to do business with real people and providing your life, coupled with your business, will grow a special kind of trust that will encourage them to work with you. Plus, social media also builds hype and excitement, especially when you include other people.
7. FOLLOW UP WITH POTENTIAL CLIENTS THAT NEVER PURCHASED: You probably have some emails from clients who initially inquired about your services and then never emailed you back. Follow up with them and shoot them an email. If you are feeling bold and really want to improve your business, you may even want to email the people who never followed through and ask them why they decided not to purchase from you. This is vulnerable and revealing but can be one of the most useful and effective things you do to improve your business.
8. FOLLOW UP WITH PAST CLIENTS TO SEE IF THEY NEED ANY ADDITIONAL HELP: Do you ever follow up with your past clients to see if they need any extra assistance? If not do it. Just shoot them an email to see how things are going and ask if they need any extra help. Oftentimes, they will, but will need that nudge to move you to the top of their to-do list.

Similarly, you might have recently discovered something that you think will surely help your clients. Perhaps it is a new favourite plugin or an e-book you just wrote that you know they would love. Send your past client an email letting them know about it. It will not feel salesy if it is genuine and they can tell that you are just looking out for them.
9. TRY FACEBOOK ADS: Facebook ads can be an amazingly effective way to reach your target audience and clients for a small amount of money compared to other forms of advertising. Facebook also allows you to create sophisticated audiences to show your ad to. This means that you get to pick everything from their location and gender to which pages they “like” on Facebook and what their interests are. With the right ad, it can be an amazingly effective way to generate new, potential clients.
10. BUILD YOUR EMAIL LIST AND STAY IN TOUCH WITH YOUR SUBSCRIBERS: Your email list and newsletter are also a great way to keep your business in the forefront of people’s minds. If you pop up in their inbox each week with helpful tips and advice, they will remember you the next time they need to hire someone who does what you do.
11. GUEST BLOG ON OTHER SITES: Guest blogging allows you to share your expertise with someone else’s audience, which will hopefully bring more visitors to your site and interested in your services. Find a blogger with an audience that would be interested in your services and send them an email to see if they would allow you to guest post.
12. ADD ETSY LISTINGS FOR YOUR SERVICES: Etsy can be a great way to attract new clients. Etsy is a huge online marketplace full of potential clients who might be searching for your services.
13. PUMP UP YOUR SEO: You might think that it would be difficult to get clients from search engines for the same reason I did, but if you work hard on your Search Engine Optimization (SEO), then it’s definitely possible! Decide on a few keywords that describe your business (get specific) and pump up that SEO. It has incredible potential to bring you a steady stream of clients who are ready to hire you.
14. FOCUS YOUR BUSINESS ON A SPECIFIC AUDIENCE: It is hard to grow anything when you’re marketing yourself at the entire world. You will grow your business faster and be able to charge more for your services if you specialize in a certain area or niche. Focusing on a specific audience builds trust. When people see that you specialize in THEM, then they are more likely to trust that you know what you are doing and will understand their needs.
15. HOST A WEBINAR: Lastly, webinars can be an incredible way to grab new clients. A webinar is a live, streaming video “workshop” where you either teach or share advice about something (related to your business or product) and can do a Q+A with the attendees. Webinars tend to have comparatively high conversion rates because they give you the chance to connect with your audience, answer their questions, and share your immense knowledge on a particular subject.
Besides if you do have any questions give me a call:

Answered 4 years ago

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