What are the best platforms to find or advertise an app development service on partnership basis?

We are planning to develop one custom App per year for our customers on business partnership basis where our role will be App development and support. But we are looking for reliable as well as good business strategy firm or individual. What is best platform to find them or advertise our service ?


If I understood correctly, you are planning to create the app for free in exchange for percentages/shares in the business/startup?
If so, the best option would be to partner with accelerators/incubators and other organizations that work with startups who have good ideas. I personally work with hundreds of startup each year, so if you're interested, we can talk and possibly collaborate.
Good luck

Answered 10 months ago

Difficult to answer this question, as the answer relates directly to type of App.

Might be useful for you to book calls with various people off Clarity, where you describe your App + Business Model, then describe a unique marketing flow for each App.

Answered 10 months ago

Hi there,

Having worked in the technology space for over 6 years and established strategic partnerships, there are several ways you can look for firms or individuals that needs your services.

From what it sounds like, you are looking to help people outsource their app development/support for their company While there is definitely a market for this type of service, you need to start getting granular and drilling down to the ideal industry that needs your services. You will need to employ a dual approach of cold outreach and strategic marketing to generate your business partnership.

First, you need to narrow down the ideal types of businesses you want to target. What types of companies or individuals are in need of your services the most? Why? What is the value proposition for them to use your service and why should they care?

After determining this, it's time to put together some marketing campaigns to help drive the value proposition of your service. There might not be a best platform to find or advertise your service- you will need to try many different avenues. Perhaps you can start here on Clarity.

I've spoken with hundreds of companies in your shoes so I am happy to jump on a call and communicate several methods that might work for your company as well.


Answered 10 months ago

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