Experts: should you place your Widget prominently on your Blog/Website rather than your direct phone number?

I'm wondering if the placement of my Widget causes new visitors to my Blog/Website to pause engaging me. Is it smarter to emphasize my phone number, get the inbound call, develop the relationship and THEN employ to monetize... I'm a consultant in B2B alternative finance products and tech.


My answer might seem a bit too simple, but anyway: why not put both - your direct number for people who prefer to first 'get to know you' before scheduling a consult, and the Clarity widget for people who already know what they want, and just need some quick advice.
Just take into account that if you add the clarity widget, and you don't have any reviews yet (or have reviews but they're negative), then maybe it would be less wise to add the widget.
If you are new to clarity and want to get some reviews, you could use your VIP code to offer free calls - this way you get happy clients, and you build your reputation on clarity by getting more reviews.
I hope this helped.
Good luck

Answered 5 years ago

I generally want to collect more information before giving either.

On a blog: content marketing is about building desire by demonstrating world class expertise.

So, let's do that FIRST. Let's not just throw our business card out like a Realtor at a Chamber of Commerce Happy Hour. Let's apply some discretion and really work hard to get our contact information in the hands of people that REALLY want us.

Blog Post--->Email List--->Application

Answered 5 years ago

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