How to enter the US market with an established health&wellness product?

We are a producer of a device that was designed to neutralize/harmonize the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR/EMF) on the human body. Since 2011 we sold more than 19.000 units (average price was $520), mostly in EU and now we would like to enter the US market. We are looking for the right strategy (big partners and networks, or affiliates) on how to enter the US market as in EU we have hundreds of small distributors, healing centers, etc.


Setup a content rich blog about the tech.

Monetize via on page ads selling your device.

Buy traffic from Gemini + Outbrain + Taboola to your site.

Also, buy display ads through Taboola + other Ad Networks to place on sites to sell your product.

Build a mailing list of opt-ins off your site.

Use retargeting pixels to stalk people who visit your site.

Answered 6 years ago

I would start by using some of the same techniques you used to grow your sales in the EU to enter the US market.

Producing consistent quality content on your website is essential. Along with a solid social media strategy.

From there once you develop a solid presence it will be very easy to reach out to more small distributors, centers, partners etc. and get them on board. Plus you if everything is done right you will have inbound leads wanting your product too.

Make sure your partners have a healthy margin and understand the demand for your product.

If you need any help along the way Im just a call away.

Answered 6 years ago

Great answers already.
Some of my tips
1. What techniques got you so far? Can you standardise it
and check it if the same works in the US market
2. Would it be possible to draw up referrrals in the US markets
3. Producing consistent quality content on your website and be aggressive with your solid social media strategy.
4. Check with your digital agency to create "some useful and relevant content" that can go viral in the social media-- specifically USA market
5. Do you have affiliates from the US?
6. What part of the product can be given free as a "Test material" It can even be a "service tips" material Let them have a feel of your product and your service -- in short your brand
7. Can you participate in any trade shows physically or online
8. After creating all of these you could promote and advertise for "Distributors, Affiliate Partners " in that region

I can give a 10 minutes free talk in this regard

Hope it helps
Consultant Bala

Answered 6 years ago

Congratulations on your massive success with a niche and helpful device in the EU.

For the US, marketing strategy along with device proof needs to be validated once again.

You should conduct a clinical study or the efficacy analysis to show that your device holds all the clinical aspects true even across the Atlantic.

Another objective should be that you provide some of the free samples to significant influencers in the US market.

In addition to that, there are some B2B2C approaches which can be implemented.

Hope this helps and I look forward to connecting with you further!

Answered 4 years ago

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