I have launched a website for solar industry professionals called iSolarWorld. How can we reach out to them for their feedback and assessment and subsequently promote the website?

First of all, if you want to reach out to solar industry professionals, you have to think like a solar industry professional.

Start asking yourself these question:
1. What personality types are usually associated with solar industry professionals?
2. What social media platforms do solar industry professionals like to use?
3. Where do solar industry professionals like to go?
4. Who do solar industry professionals frequently contact?
5. Why would a solar professional use my website instead of someone else's website?

In any successful business, you not only have to buy your equipment and information, you also have to buy customers.

Did you spend any money on marketing?
Have you attended any solar industry related trade shows/conferences?
Have you contacted notable people in the solar industry to get them to endorse you?

These are just a couple questions you should ask yourself, once you answered them. You should have some idea of what you should do and where to go.

Answered a year ago

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