How do I sell a wellness service to HR departments at large corporations?

I have an established B2C information product that helps new parents. I have been told the product would be a natural fit to provide to HR departments as it help parents (and especially new mothers) make the transition back to work after maternity leave much easier. My idea is to sell licenses to HR departments so that their employees can have access to the product online. Is this an established business model? Would HR departments be open to this kind of model?


Selling to HR departments is hard work + low income (compared to other approaches) + they can cut off your income any time. This is basically working a job. Lowest income + highest exposure to income loss.

If you have a B2C product, sell to consumers, not businesses.

Just setup a content site writing about your niche with an ways to purchase you product on your site.

Then buy traffic - Outbrain/Taboola/Facebook/Google - to your site.

In your case, you might even be able to create a Facebook look alike audience for your product. If you PM me, I can pass along a couple of folks who can likely help you with Facebook campaigns.

Depending on the exact nature of your product, you might also experiment with buying Yahoo Gemini traffic.

This way you go direct to consumers + never have to deal with pitching HR folks... who by the way, get pitched stuff like this all the time + usually they have no budget to buy anything like this... so rarely pans out for people pitching.

If you really think going the HR director route is useful, just call up a few + ask for interviews about their work + then ask them questions about how they make their purchasing choices + budgets they have to work with.

Based on my experience trying to pitch HR folks in the past, likely you'll only interview a handful, before you ditch this in favor of going direct to consumers, via paid traffic.

Traffic is cheap + you never have to talk with curmudgeonly HR folks.

Answered 7 years ago

HR professionals are very protective of their employees. It would be good for you to partner with a wellness vendor leave management vendor.

Answered 6 years ago

HR department does have professionals called HR executives, and you must keep in mind the following points when selling Wellness to these guys:
1. Show Impact: Executives are aware that healthcare expenses are adversely impacting the bottom-line, but between endless meetings and other priorities, wellness tends to be just another initiative that sits on the backburner. To make corporate wellness a top priority within your organization, you must show the broad impact wellness has, especially beyond just a vehicle to slow the growth of healthcare premiums. Talk to executives about the impact of obesity on productivity or the cost of disengaged workers. When you broaden the conversation beyond healthcare expenses, executives will see the enormous impact wellness can have on a business, making it a higher priority and a point of action.
2. Demonstrate Interest: Wellness programs will not be successful if no one wants to participate so show executives that employees want wellness, especially from their managers. Executives will be quick to act if you can show them that their employees want wellness. Also, numbers will help crystalize your point. Try collecting data on the number of employees already engaging in wellness on their own or conduct a survey to gauge employee interest.
3. Address Roadblocks: Often, mixed opinions on the efficacy of wellness deter executives from acting. The best way to manage these roadblocks is to proactively address them. The charges against wellness programs almost exclusively challenge biometric screenings. This makes sense given the lack of efficacy of these procedures, the significant cost, and the minimal impact to employee engagement. Executives need to not throw the baby out with the bad water, and rather than dismiss all wellness initiatives, executives, if educated properly, will learn to embrace the good parts, and ignore the bad.
4. Make It Personal: Numbers are great and can certainly move a data-driven executive, but do not forget to make wellness what it truly is personal. The best products of great wellness programs are the things that they prevent heart attacks, diabetes, premature ailments. Showing the personal impact wellness can have on executives and employees will make wellness real to your audience.
Besides if you do have any questions give me a call:

Answered 4 years ago

Enterprise selling are group decision. The HR job function this will not be a their major KPI as job review. Their company may offer a welfare to their empolyee but the key is what will benefit for HR or their company.

Answered 4 years ago

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