How can you acquire a unique knowledge that sets you apart from your competition and provides high value while gaining attention?

Field of interest: Relationships and Health Example: "I Will Teach You to Be Rich" website offers long form articles / interviews that go beyond what a normal blog would do. If I wish to assert myself as a Life Coach. I need to sell myself, and define my position. But I lack some skills in order to present myself as an expert. Should I go on Udemy? Khan University? What knowledge could set me apart from competition?


What I would recommend is to find out what your competitions are not doing. then figure out how you can add more value at that area.

Adding more value to people life that out weight your competitions is the key to stand out.

Answered 2 years ago

There are many experts out there vying for attention. If they don't have deep knowledge; all they are offering is a quick fix. They are just hustlers. To me this is just 'desperate for a buck web marketing.'

Don't go there.

To set yourself apart you do need deep knowledge and experience in your field. If it is relationships, then focus on relationships. However, I would hope that you have qualifications and experience in that field.

I have worked with a social worker who had extended her studies into relationship counselling. She was in her early 60's and had spent many years counselling families and couples.

I worked with her on her target market and how best to reach out to them. It wasn't hard to put together a website of her writings specifically answering the problems couples faced, both gay and heterosexual. She knew stuff, could write clearly and knew how to help people.

I even used her for relationship counselling myself when I recently got married and wanted to work on a few things with my partner.

I also worked with an alternative health practitioner who wanted to target women with fertility treatments. I knew he had no deep knowledge or any experience in that field. I couldn't help him. Nobody was going to believe him, unless desperate.

I have since worked with a Gynaecologist with deep knowledge, experience and know-how of in-vitro fertility treatments. The difference between these two was huge, one a wanna-be the other an expert. Guess who gets all the fertility work in their target areas?

To set yourself apart from the competition is to get out there and do the work, write about it and keep at it. This takes time, often many years.

If you have that expertise, then what you are asking for is how to reach your target audience. That is down to marketing and choosing channels to reach them. I think a WordPress website is the way to go for creating the articles that people area searching for to solve their problems. They are looking for answers.

You may be able to solve their problem.

Do read widely in your topic, practice, and check out some Cal Newport's writings or videos on deep work.

I think it is better to take small steps and build up a long term proposition in something you are really good at helping people with.

Nigel Rawlins

Answered 2 years ago

I operate numerous businesses in niche fields and I know several Life Coaches and Self-Development coaches.

From what I see with all of these examples, firstly your customers will be buying into YOU so make sure you have a unique and relatable story and experience to draw on. For instance, one coach I know quit drinking alcohol to improve his health and relationships, and then started a "30 Day No Alcohol challenge" product. If you can draw from your own journey to create your niche, you will have more credibility.

Answered 2 years ago

Step #1 - Be an expert. 10-20+ years of personal experience usually suffices.

Step #2 - Till you get your 10-20+ years experience, curate other experts information.

A quick scan through YouTube suggests anyone can live well, rehashing/curating content of other experts.

Step #3 - Define your Audience first, then determine content format + venues to use. Venue means something like Udemy.

The questions you're asking tend to have long horizon answers + a good bit of work along your horizon.

You might consider joining for assistance.

Seems like I have a link for a 5 week free trial somewhere, so if you'd like me to dig for this, message me + I'll find it.

In general, I'd likely go more for speaking at Meetups if your primary income generation revolves around face to face interaction.

If your primary income generation revolves around content, then first step - get blogging.

Udemy + other educational sites tend to keep changing their rules, so you'll likely be better served to host courses + content on your own site + drive traffic to your site.

Udemy get lowest marks. Since they instituted forced low pricing several years back, most of their biggest sellers left.

Also Udemy tends to host more tech centric courses, than consciousness centric.

Answered 2 years ago

I think that should focus on the core aspects of the skills that you have and build from there. Clearly you have expertise, so emphasise that and then as you go build on it. You may be surprised just how much of an "expert" you are when you really consider your experience and knowledge on a certain aspect of your field of interest. Taking a course if fine, but it needs to be done building upon what you already have so that it compliments your skills and abilities. That will set you apart from the competition. Anyone can take a course, but no-one else has your specific life experience or skills.
It seems to me like you need someone to help in defining precisely what you are aiming to be an expert in and then take it from there, with articles, blogs, podcasts etc.
Happy to help you through this process if you like.

Answered 2 years ago

Acquire knowledge in your respective field of interest from coursera or edx or ventura.

These are some renowned online learning sources which will set you apart from your competition

Answered 2 years ago

Show me, don't tell me.

Focus on showing how you excel at solving your customers' problems or pain points. Do this by:
-Blogging on relevant topics
-Commenting on forums where your target customers are engaging in discussions
-Publishing videos wherein you discuss a particular issue your audience struggles with
-Doing public speaking where your target market may attend (e.g., MeetUps)

Let the establishment of your expertise be passive. Your audience will decide whether you are an expert regardless of letters after your name.

Life coaching isn't on par with being a psychologist so credentials don't matter in the same way.

Answered 2 years ago

You mix the HOW (the platform you will use to provide your lessons) with the WHAT (your offering).
First work on your WHAT and how it answers the need of your WHO (your target group). This is the most difficult part - I can help you with that.
Once you have a unique proposition, then you will know where your target group goes to find the knowledge you are offering.

Answered 2 years ago

How You acquire uncommon knowledge to gain that great constant attention through uncommon strategic means once you have detected that uncommon secret that becomes unique only to your career when you adopt it to gain constant value from your audience. This uncommon strategic methods I can reveal to you when you give me call.

Answered 2 years ago

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