I have a lot of ideas for new apps, but no program experience. How can I get my apps developed?

To take an idea for a new app and turn it into a real product take these following steps:
1. Identify the Users/Audience
Once you identify some demographics about the audience, you can find out what people from these demographics prefer or like. Knowing your audience helps you re-engineer your app and the features in it to cater to them.

2. Identify the Monetization Strategy
Making money is the biggest reward and energizer for your idea. You want to know which one works for your app, audience, and market. Having user data is becoming a big monetization technique, as you can use it to make indirect money.

3. Create a Rough Sketch/Wireframe
You can draw a rough sketch using paper and pencil, while a wireframe can be created using online tools. When you start doing the sketch/wireframe, you will be able to polish your app idea and features list further. Your wireframes, along with your feature list, will create very good specifications for you to build the mobile app.

4. Approach Local Mobile App Developers and Get Estimates
Once you have your initial version of the feature list and wireframe, you want to start identifying vendors who can build your mobile app in a high-quality, cost-effective way. You should make sure to answer them in detail so that your idea is fully communicated. A good vendor should also be able to provide you some suggestions to improve your idea.

5. Complete the UI/UX
It should give the colour, theme, fonts and visual appeal for your idea. This step will give you a near-final picture of what your mobile app would look like and how it would flow. If the initial estimate of time/cost has increased, get more funding, or reduce some of the features. You want to pay the right value to your mobile app developer.

6. Get the App Developed and Tested
Have your app developer start building the app for you. If you come up with new sets of features during the development, discuss those with your app developer and get the time and cost estimate.

7. Gather Market Response and Prepare for the Next Phase
After the initial launch and marketing, you can collect user data, market response, and demand. If the app is not received well in the market, find out what is hampering growth and have a plan of action.
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Answered a year ago

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