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I am an meticulous and efficient HR Executive with approx 1 year of experience in hiring and training procedures for new employees in indian companies mostly startups. I have Coordinate and direct work activities for managers and employees and promote a positive and open work environment both on national and international scales. I have advised companies how to create a better working environment, and enhance their work performances. As an HR I have always aimed towards the people and organization connection and how they can strive for a better future. I have first hand experience of the whole business setup of a startup in India and the challenges that they face at both economic, social and political levels.

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It is not that hard to get past it. First, determines COGS. Once that is done calculate your ending inventory balance and the amount of new inventory purchased, then, add the ending inventory and cost of goods sold. To calculate the beginning inventory from the amount of inventory purchased.
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If you ask me if it is the recommended one or not, I would rather be doubtful. However, Divibooster have some amazing features to look forward to. There is always a better choice for everything, but you must look for something that suits you.
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There are several sources that you can use as reliable writing resource. Notable among them are as follows:
The Economist
TED talks
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It is great model to work with. Do not jump into it suddenly. Apply it on the later stages. Marketing metrics and KPIs are measurable values used by marketing teams to demonstrate the effectiveness of campaigns across all marketing channels. Contests or reward-based campaigns naturally can go viral. This assures that you are attracting the right people, who naturally will want to spread the word about your campaign. There is no one way to go viral. For anything to go viral however, there are some common factors that contribute to that velocity. Viral advocacy has and always will be the most effective growth engine for your product, brand, or cause. Going viral requires a dynamic formula with both qualitative and quantitative aspects. When you execute the release of this sequence of events, with enough “fuel” this lift what is known as a viral loop cycle into a state of perpetual amplification.
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Asian countries act differently to an extent, once you understand that it will be easy for you. You can move cautiously with few countries and then apply it to the rest of the Asian countries. I will suggest you begin with East Asian Countries.
The East Asian experience more broadly, as illustrated by Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan, describes an economic development model with distinct policy objectives and institutional requirements at each stage. In fact, contrary to the prescriptions of free market economists, the East Asian model suggests that, especially in the early days of development, governments must sometimes judiciously intervene rather than simply liberalize their economies right away. The appeal of China’s autocratic political system to emerging countries’ elites is abundantly clear. Using the East Asian model as one potential development strategy, the first step is to implement household-based land redistribution programs and other productivity improvement initiatives, such as increasing irrigation and the use of fertilizer. It is easy to see why democracies are not necessarily advantaged during much of this long development trajectory, given the scope and complexity of the intervention required, the extractive nature of many policies, as well as the related need to overcome powerful vested interests. It is here where the comparison between democratic India and autocratic China is so instructive.
However, as economic convergence proceeds over time, democracy will likely regain its footing as the form of government best suited to deliver long-term growth in developed high-income economies. Either way, the key will be to abandon the prevailing orthodoxy that institutional change must invariably precede economic development, and focus instead on tailoring the degree, speed, and sequence of political and economic liberalization to the unique growth requirements of each emerging market.
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Your site should ooze social proof. Put it on your home page, your landing pages, your account signups, and you thank you pages. If you have a blank spot on your site and you are not sure what to do with it, use some social proof. Just by including social proof in your site, you will encourage people to become a customer and you will reassure them at each step of the process. Good ol’ testimonials, the most popular type of social proof. You can overcome that skepticism by getting quotes from past customers. Use logos of products and services that you or your product work with. So, if your product integrates with Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo Mail, put those logos on your site.
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I believe stories would not help you because every story is different.
Using Google search, search for the name of prolific guest bloggers in your industry plus the phrase “guest post by”. This will reveal all the sites that these guest bloggers have posted upon. If you have access to tools like Open Site Explorer, you can look at the backlinks of your competitors and spot any blogs they have written for. Com -domain. Com “guest post” which should reveal sites that a competitor has written for. A lot of bloggers and guest posters will share their latest guest posts on social networks. Just follow the links to see which blogs are accepting the guest posts.
ProBlogger uses a template to help document their guest blog strategy. Still, there is a startling number of marketers who are creating content and guest blogging “just because.” Meaning simply, they are guest blogging without any clear strategy. That leads bloggers to pay attention to things like social shares, comments, and traffic as the measure of success for a guest post. Your strategy should be built around growing your own business, not necessarily the blog of another organization.
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Behind every great brand story, you see in the media is a great PR strategy – and with the right strategy, you can turn your start-up into press-worthy news. If you have a deep understanding of the 3Ps, then you have undergone a critical phase in start-up development by articulating how your product or service aligns with the true and actual needs of your market. By mastering the 3Ps – developing a working product, knowing their customers’ pain points, and writing passionately for their audience – they were able to acquire thousands of customers while establishing themselves as an authority on all things social. Invest in relationships early on by giving something valuable before you ask for something in return. If you are wondering how to reach out to journalists and industry experts without it feeling forced or self-serving, look at natural opportunities to chat about topics that you both cares about, where you can add value. Instead, focus on providing industry expertise and knowledge.
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