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Techopedia defines a mobile ad platform as an «intermediary between mobile publishers and advertisers.” In layman’s terms, a mobile ad platform is a place where advertisers can purchase ad spots that are delivered on mobile websites and apps. These platforms work two-ways. With the basics out of the way, let us look at some of the best ad platforms for mobile advertising. With Google ads, ads can show on both desktop and mobile devices.
Instagram is another good option for advertisers since it’s a mobile-first platform created with the mobile audience in mind. While Bing may have smaller market share than Google, your advertising budget could spread farther on the 2nd place search engine. On average, you will pay 70% less for Bing Ads than Google. Lower costs are not the only advantage of using their Bing's mobile ad platform, though. Since being acquired by Google in November 2009, Ad Mob has become one of the most popular mobile ad platforms. The platform is beneficial for companies aiming to monetize by showing ads in their mobile app.
Tube Mogul is a demand-side, mobile ad serving platform that started the non-human traffic credit program in 2016, concerned that their clients might be flooded with non-human traffic. Without having a clear idea of who sees your ad and which ads perform best, mobile ads are a waste of time and money. Key metrics include CPC or CPM, the total number of conversions, and CTR.
But it is a good start to look at the statistics for each solution for a mobile ad platform comparison.
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To understand if you can incorporate time or not, you need to understand the cost structure and capital gains first. Cost basis starts as the original cost of an asset for tax purposes, which is initially the first purchase price. Cost basis is used to determine the capital gains tax rate, which is equal to the difference between the asset's cost basis and the current market value. Tax basis still holds for unrealized gains or losses when securities are held but has not been officially sold, but taxing authorities will require a determination of the capital gains rate, which can be either short term or long term. Although brokerage firms are required to report the price paid for taxable securities to the IRS, for some securities, such as those held for a long period of time or those transferred from another brokerage firm, the historical cost basis will need to be provided by the investor. Determining the initial cost basis of securities and financial assets for only one initial purchase is very straightforward. There can be subsequent purchases and sales as an investor makes decisions to implement specific trading strategies and maximize profit potential to impact an overall portfolio. With all the various types of investments, including stocks, bonds, and options, calculating cost basis accurately for tax purposes, can get complicated.
As stated earlier, the cost basis of any investment is equal to the original purchase price of an asset. Every investment will start out with this status, and if it ends up being the only purchase, determining the cost is merely the original purchase price. Note that it is allowable to include the cost of a trade, such as a stock-trade commission, which can also be used to reduce the eventual sales price.
For example, let us assume Lawrence purchased 100 shares of XYZ for $20 per share in June and then makes an additional purchase of 50 XYZ shares in September for $15 per share.
If he sold 120 shares, his cost basis using the FIFO method would be + = $2,300. There are also differences among securities, but the basic concept of what the purchase price is applied. Typically, most examples cover stocks. However, bonds are somewhat unique in that the purchase price above or below par must be amortized until maturity.
The need to track the cost basis for investment is needed mainly for tax purposes. Without this requirement, there is a solid case to be made that most investors would not bother keeping such detailed records.

The equity cost basis for a non-dividend paying stock is calculated by adding the purchase price per share plus fees per share. Reinvesting dividends increases the cost basis of the holding because dividends are used to buy more shares. The cost basis would be $1,610. One of the reasons investors need to include reinvested dividends into the cost basis total is because dividends are taxed in the year received.

If the dividends received are not included in cost basis, the investor will pay taxes on them twice. For instance, in the above example, if dividends were excluded, the cost basis would be $1,010. As a result, the taxable gain would be $990 versus $390 had the dividend income been included in the cost basis. In other words, when selling an investment, investors pay taxes on the capital gains based on the selling price and the cost basis.

However, dividends get taxed as income in the year they are paid to the investor, regardless of whether the dividends were reinvested or paid out as cash.
A capital gains tax is a tax on the growth in value of investments incurred when individuals and corporations sell those investments. The U.S. capital gains tax only applies to profits from the sale of assets held for more than a year, referred to as “long term capital gains.” The rates are 0%, 15%, or 20%, depending on your tax bracket. Taxable capital gains for the year are reduced by the amount of capital losses incurred in that year. A capital loss is when you sell an investment for less than you purchased it for.
Such gains are added to your earned income or ordinary income. You are taxed on the short-term capital gain at the same rate as for your regular earnings., dividends are taxed as ordinary income for taxpayers who are in the 15% and higher tax brackets. If you're in a tax bracket with a higher rate, your capital gains taxes will be limited to the 28% rate. Real estate capital gains are taxed under a different standard if you're selling your principal residence. After applying the $250,000 exemption, he must report a capital gain of $50,000, which is the amount subject to the capital gains tax. In most cases, significant repairs and improvements can be added to the base cost of the house, thus reducing even more the amount of taxable capital gain. Investors who own real estate are often allowed to take depreciation deductions against income to reflect the steady deterioration of the property as it ages. That in turn can increase your taxable capital gain if you sell the property. That's because the gap between the property's value after deductions and its sale price will be greater. So if the person then sold the building for $110,000, there would be total capital gains of $15,000. Then, $5,000 of the sale figure would be treated as a recapture of the deduction from income. The remaining $10,000 of capital gain would be taxed at one of the 0%, 15%, or 20% rates indicated above. You may be subject to another levy, the net investment income tax, if your income is high. This tax imposes an additional 3.8% of taxation on your investment income, including your capital gains, if your modified adjusted gross income exceeds certain maximums.
Capital losses can be deducted from capital gains to yield your taxable gains, if any, for the year. The calculations become more complex, though, if you have incurred capital gains and capital losses on both short-term and long-term investments.
Then the short-term losses are totalled. Finally, long-term gains and losses are tallied.
The short-term gains are netted against the short-term losses to produce a net short-term gain or loss. Finally, these two numbers, for the short-term and long-term, are reconciled to produce the final net capital gain that is reported on the tax return.
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As an expert I will stress on the safety measures you would feel profitable to employ in your baby strollers/buckle industry. Some key features you should incorporate in your strollers are as follows:
1. Restraint system: Get a stroller with a sturdy safety belt and crotch strap, which keep a baby or a toddler from slipping out. Some strollers have only waist and crotch straps, but many come with an adjustable five-point harness , much like those found in car seats, which keep a baby from slipping or falling out if the stroller tips, or climbing out when you're not looking.
2. Brakes: Check that any stroller you intend to buy has a good parking brake, one that is convenient to operate and locks two wheels. Some two-wheel parking brakes are activated in a single stroke by a bar in the rear of the stroller frame.
3. Wheels: The SUV syndrome has carried over into strollers with large wheels and a rugged, off-road appearance. Most strollers have double wheels on the front that swivel to make steering easier.
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Your travel website should mirror the image of an ideal holiday or vacation and inspire travellers to explore new destinations and hotels. AR/VR elements will make your travel website more interactive and encourage visitors to stay longer. A clear navigation scheme helps random visitors find the info about a particular location, view available destinations, find your blog with useful information, and contact a travel vendor in a matter of minutes.
With the right payment provider, your customers will never risk losing both their money and confidence in your business. Users may find the absence of their mother tongue on a website very depressing and go away without saying goodbye. In fact, using API you can integrate any booking system on your website be it Skyscanner or Kayak. If it is your first experience in travel website development, study the essential questions you should answer to make a powerful platform of your dream.
There are several options for you. The biggest advantage of site builders is a range of travel SEO-optimized templates with predefined functionality and available hosting. Create a detailed checklist of things you need to verify before launching a platform. It should cover functionality, usability, compatibility, and security issues. Your design should always be customer-centred, content educational, and functionality supreme.
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To create an income without having a job are as follows:
1. Start day trading online
2. Create an ecommerce business
3. Enter the networking marketing fray
4. Become a small business consultant
5. Build websites or sales funnels
6. Sell digital courses
7. Start a blog
8. Start an ad agency
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If you use your PPO fees for treatment planning and billing to the patient, your front office team will be able to increase the over-the-counter collections exponentially â and we all know that payment on the day of service is worth its weight in gold. The front office team can collect more over the counter because they will not have to get out the calculator and manually calculate the patient portion. Send statements in real time. When you use your PPO fee schedules for billing the patient, you will be able to send patient billing statements in real time.
To improve cash flow, you need to be sending patient statements to ALL your patients who owe you money. Even if the patient has an outstanding insurance claim, send that patient a statement. Many practices currently do not do this because they are billing full fees to the patient and they must wait until the insurance payment comes in, make the PPO adjustment, and then send the patient statement. Most of you are sending your patient billing statements once a month.
If you are sending statements out several times a month, you are still sending out the same volume of statements, but in smaller increments at a time.
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To earn money from home, these are few ways:
1. Social Media Moderators: If you have basic social media skills and good people skills, this is an easy gig and usually comes with flexible hours. Available wherever you are in the world. Beyond social media, moderators are also needed to monitor comments and questions on blogs, forums, and chat rooms. The services that hire remote moderators are as follows:
a. The Social Element
b. Crisp Thinking
c. 99DollarSocial
d. Mod Squad

2. Focus Groups: Focus groups are different from surveys in that they are much more in-depth, often require in-person or at least phone/webcam participation and as a result, also pay much better. Here is a list of some reputable market research companies with active focus groups:
b. 20/20 Research
d. Mindswarms
e. Brand Institute
f. Nichols Research
g. Alder Weiner Research
h. Atkins Research Global

3. Microtasking: Microtask platforms connect companies who need small tasks completed so-called” Short Task”-with remote freelance workers who can perform them whenever they have some free time. Pay is not great, but they are easy to do on the side, even on a lunch break and are sometimes quite fun. These are the best-known platforms:
a. Amazon Mechanical Turk
b. Figure Eight
c. Clickworker
d. Microworker
e. Field Agent
f. EasyShift

4. Test Websites and Apps: Website or App testing is an easy way to make some extra money. No special skill is required. You just need a computer or smartphone with an in-built microphone, and you are good to go. The process is simple: You signup, take a short test and answer a few questions. That way the platforms can match you with the required target audience for each test. Here are some of the well-known options:
a. User testing
b. Validity
c. IntelliZoom
d. TestingTime
e. Userzoom
f. What UsersDo

5. Virtual Chat Agent: Chat support positions are extremely popular, so competition is high. You need fast typing skills and excellent grammar, punctuation, and spelling. The following companies offer chat support positions:
a. SiteStaff
b. The Chat Shop
c. Uber
d. Flexjob
e. Upwork

6. Simple Online Research: Without special expertise, you can earn extra cash with basic research gigs. Some notable among them are:
a. Hobby Jam
b. IT-Boss Research
c. JBS Court Research Services

7. Paid Surveys: Paid surveys will not replace a full-time job but can be nice extra income stream-and fun to do. Most surveys are paid with either gift cards to top retailers or “PayPal cash”, meaning your earnings will be sent to your PayPal account. Here are some of the better-known survey companies:
a. Vindale Research
b. SurveyJunkie
c. Swagbucks
d. Opinion Outpost
e. YouGov-Political
f. American Consumer Opinion
g. E-poll
h. One opinion

8. Data Entry: Data Entry is offered on micro tasking platforms, so there is some overlap, but here are a few companies that are more specialized on it. The notable companies that offer these services are:
a. The Smart Crowd
b. SigTrack
c. Cass Information Systems
d. Clickworker
e. Intuit
f. DionData
h. Flexjobs

9. Movie Captioner & Transcriptions: “Captions” are the black subtitles at the bottom of your TV screen that come on when you mute the sound. Someone obviously needs to write them and if you are a fast and accurate typist, this could be you.
a. TransPerfect
b. CaptionMax
c. Rev
10. Transcriptions: Transcriptions falls into three different groups: General Transcription, Legal Transcription and Medical Transcription. You obviously need fast, accurate typing skills and a fast, reliable internet connection. In addition, Express Scribe Software can help make the transcriptions process a lot faster and easier and eliminate the use of mouse.
The following companies hire newbies with no experience though they will usually do an evaluation test. The list of the companies are as follows:
a. TranscribeMe
b. Rev
c. Tigerfish
d. BabbleType
e. Accutran Global
f. Casting Words
g. Workshop
h. Scribie
i. Speechpad
j. Hollywood Transcriptions

11. Proofreading: If you have excellent grammar and punctuation, and an eye for detail, you start a proofreading career by offering your services to self-publishing authors, which is a booming industry. The following sites work with freelancer proof-readers:
a. EditFast
b. Gramlee
c. Wordvice
d. Proofreading Services
e. Scribendi

12. Virtual Assistant: Becoming a “Virtual Assistant (VA)” is one of the easiest entries into the world of home-based jobs and business options, because almost any skill can be monetized as a VA.
To get started, you can apply to any of the below agencies to get placed on current jobs:
a. Fancy Hands
b. Virtual Gal Friday
c. VA Sumo
d. Belay
e. StartUps Co.
f. 99 Dollar Social

13. Virtual Expert: If you can prove your expertise in a specific area, you can work for several online platforms answering customer questions and completing research assignments. A few notable among them are as follows:
a. Ask Wonder
b. Just Answer
c. Maven
d. Clarity
e. 6ya
f. Operator

14. Virtual Consultant: Freelance consulting gigs can be highly lucrative, and the below platforms connect virtual experts with companies around the world. A few notable among them are as follows:
a. On Frontiers
b. 10EQS
c. Internal Consulting
d. Expert360

15. Virtual Teacher: Whatever expertise you have, you can now teach it online to almost anyone in the world courtesy of the internet. The following allow you to list yourself, set your own schedule and fees, and start earning money as a virtual teacher. The following will be able to help:
a. PrestoExperts
b. Takelessons
c. BrainMass
d. Clarity
e. Maven

16. Translation: If you are fluent in another language-in, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian or Chinese-you will find plenty of translator gigs. Jobs could be in Customer service, transcriptions or working as an interpreter. Here is a list of translation agencies:
a. WeLocalize
b. Argos Multilingual
c. Rev
d. Tele Language
e. Transperfect
f. VerbalizeIt
g. LanguageLine

17. Virtual Academic Tutor: Remote academic tutoring and test prep gigs are available at the following companies, but they require college degree and teaching certifications:
a. Tutor
b. Brainfuse
c. PrepNow
d. Aim4A
e. Study Pool
f. Yup Tutoring

18. Academic Test Scorer: Another goodie you can do via courtesy of the internet, but it requires college degree for consideration. You can apply to these companies:
a. WriteScore
b. ACT
c. Measurement Inc
d. ETS
e. Literably
f. FlexJobs

19. Virtual English Tutor: Staying with the English as a 2nd Language theme, you can also teach English online. It is an industry that has exploded over the last few years, especially based in China. Here are the best-known companies to apply:
a. Boxfish
b. Gogokid
c. Cambly
d. italki
e. VIPKid
f. Qkid

20. Pro Virtual Researcher: There are many ways to get paid for online research, both for simple tasks that only take a few minutes to complete all the way up to professional level research assignments.
a. First Quarter Finance
b. 10EQS
c. RWS
D. Ask Wonder
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The sales tax laws have been updated to include digital goods and services in different ways across the different US states, and the application of these laws has been troublesome for most state and local governments. There are 28 states that tax digital products. There are 23 states that do not tax digital products., you are only required to collect sales tax in states where you have “sales tax nexus”. If you have nexus in a state, then you must apply sales tax to buyers in that state.
In general, digital products, or digital goods, are defined as intangible goods that exist in electronic or digital format. They are delivered to the end customer electronically, such as through email or online download. States using their own definition – In addition to the general categories listed above, many states have their own definition of digital goods and services. States not using any definition at all – There are 18 states that do not specifically define digital goods.
In 2011, the US Congress enacted The Digital Goods and Services Tax Fairness Act. This law provided a federal framework for digital taxes but did not go far enough in providing guidance and direction for the individual states. More recently, there have been several attempts by federal and state legislators to create a more homogenous digital tax, but there has been fierce resistance. The Federation of Tax Administrators is an organization of state tax authorities and administrators’ which surveys sales tax rates and provides regularly updated reports.
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In-kind gifts can be valuable to a non-profit. Draft policies and procedures to get the most out of these contributions. If your non-profit receives in-kind contributions, here's help understanding their value and knowing how to manage them. For example, your organization could be given transportation or publishing support. An in-kind donation involving time occurs when people give their time free of charge or for payment by a third party on the non-profit’s behalf. An employer might also loan paid employees to help support a non-profit. In-kind contributions can be an important source of non-profit revenue, especially during times of economic recession. Beyond revenue and cost savings, many charities find in-kind contributions an effective way to cultivate supporters and build capacity. When your non-profit receives an in-kind gift, you must record it as revenue using the fair value of the gift and noting the date of receipt.
For example, accepting certain gifts might run counter to your organization's mission and values or you might not be equipped to manage and maintain the value of a gift, such as real estate. A written policy can help manage your donors' expectations and help staff and board members who might be asking for or receiving contributions. Although responsibility to value an in-kind donation falls on the donor, as a courtesy you might acknowledge the fair value of an in-kind donation. You may provide a separate gift acknowledgment after each gift you receive or send an annual summary of contributions by January 31 of the year following the donation. Taking this step will reassure the donor that the gift was received and help solidify your relationship. Evaluating the impact of in-kind contributions can be tricky. As much as possible, track specific ways that in-kind gifts help your organization achieve specific goals. For example, let us say your non-profit is a museum and your goal is to increase your revenue and up the number of annual visitors by 50,000 over the coming five years. If your organization is given $10,000 in in-kind ads and banners, you might attribute an increase in revenue or visitor numbers after the first year to the advertising gift.
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To know if a developer is good keep the following in mind:
1: Master the Phrasebook
The hard truth is if you are hiring someone to code for you, you should learn at least a little bit of code. That takes time, and some effort, but it’s worth it for a couple of reasons. The first is that you need to know what you’re talking about, at least at the surface level, because that’s going to inspire confidence and trust in your developer that they’re working for someone who knows what they’re doing; that they’re working for someone who values their contribution.

2: Check The Portfolio
It’s not your job to know everything, however. The best lens into a developer’s skills and experience is through a portfolio of their work. Whether it is just screenshots or whether they are able to bring in an application they worked on, actually being able to see examples of their work can give you a sense of what they’re capable of. But you cannot just look at webpage. You need to be strategic in how you are asking a potential developer to describe their experience, and drill down on their portfolios. Find out what their personal contributions were.

3: Ask for Recommendations — From the Candidate
The other way to get a thorough, but thoroughly non-technical, sense of a good developer is to ask for recommendations. Before you make a call or shoot off an email, ask the candidate what they think their references are going to say. Before you call and contact the references, ask the candidate what they think their references will say. This will tell you a lot. Again, pay attention to the language they use — whether they are hesitant or dismissive or eager to talk about their old team. Do not worry about the imagined imposition of reaching out to someone who is worked with a candidate. It is not one. Talking to someone on that person’s team can give you a whole other window into not only what that person’s skills are, but how effective they are in accomplishing projects and collaborating. Whatever you need a developer for, you are going to need them to keep you in the loop. So, just keep the “no jerks” rule in mind. No jerks. Do not do it. You want someone on your team to be on your team. There are a few additional ways to judge a developer. A trial period or beginning a working relationship with someone on a project basis, is almost never a bad idea. It gives you a chance to test their ability to contribute effectively to your team — and see the progress they make with their code — without the full commitment of a salary and benefits.
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