What would you have done? Would like to make my next attempt even more effective.

Took gorgeous pictures of a local college. Passing on the photos for free and asking if they have any needs for a photographer now or in the future. Couple things that I would have done differently a) include a list of the various ways they can use the pictures that I gave them. b) fundraising ideas that use photographs c) small stats on the positive effects that visuals (photographs) provide a company/institution


Tell me how you can make money for my organization. Promote your quality work with a "Made in USA" badge. Offer transparency and give me a guarantee that you will teach me something.

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"Call / Text +1 720 RACECAR Anytime" is a favorite slogan of mine, perhaps you should put that on the back of every picture. I really love the site ETSY because it's personal and I think once you make that connection you'll earn growth.

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I bet if you find a neat way to write (instead of using pen / sharpie) a message on the back of each photo you'll see results.

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Answered 5 years ago

I would have posted them on my own site, then shared on social networks and tagged college etc using relevant hashtags. instead of trying to get college to hire you, you'll redirect attention to your site, get likes etc from their community of followers and traffic to your site, up your brand awareness and get jobs as a result then the college would hire you knowing that their followers etc already liked you work too! People and corporations are busy; Don't waste your efforts on telling them how they could use them, show their audience a few and let them to the work for you

Answered 5 years ago

What is "more effective" to you? Being paid? More traffic to/downloads of your photos?

Without knowing how you are measuring success, it is hard to give you a list of things to consider doing on your next campaign.

Happy to chat more about it; feel free to book a call. I'm sorry that this question was unanswered for so long. It doesn't reflect well on the community.

To your success,

Answered 5 years ago

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