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CEO of Muskoka Canada Design Build Firm RS Muskoka. Ex Canadian Entrepreneur. Bootstrapping EXPERT. Lean Startup. Ecommerce. B2C. Automation. Outsourcing. Logistics. Shipping. Delivery. Building. Construction. Project Management. Design. Importing/Exporting. Furniture. Decor. Furniture Sourcing. Online Shopping. Interior Design. Interior Decorating. Small Business Tools. Project Management. Real Estate. Wordpress. Woocommerce. Startup Tools. Short Term Consulting. Obsessed with Muskoka.

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Given the other discussion about lack of females showing up as experts, perhaps a Ladies Only category might be of interest to some. Throwing it out there #itsachickthing

That's interesting! I hadn't noticed this trend but I bet Dan could comment on this. I am curious to hear the results :)

Sorry so should know that :)

I didn't mean where to post I actually meant apps like PR Genie, Robin8, HARO etc -- platforms that make reaching out to reporters etc easy....really any place to build lists without having to do manually. Does anything exist that I haven't heard of that makes finding these folks easier

Learn how to code and do design - its forever relevant . Even a 50 dollar udemy course would do the trick, then do as many internships as you can starting now to figure out what you hate doing -- the faster you figure out what you don't like the faster you'll figure out what you like!

Did you try adding him on Linked In? Its works insanely well - just include a thoughtful message about why you want to be connected and most will accept

It depends on what your startup does but if content is key to its success its better to start with your own content to get traction and build a following then use guest bloggers to expand your reach

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