Hi, I'm in the process of upgrading and integrating into a new email marketing platform. I'm looking to get the following out of my email marketing campaigns. - drip (autoresponder) campaigns - event based email campaigns - targeted segmented email campaigns I feel like email marketing platforms like GetResponse/Aweber with their batch and blast mentality are on the decline. This is why I'm thinking of integrating with a marketing automation platform like to get more targeted email campaigns sent to the right leads in my database. Has anyone made the transition into using a service like to manage all you email marketing campaigns instead of a traditional email marketing platform like GetResponse/Aweber? Thank you!

I have.

You will experience a much better return on investment, and your customers will have a much better experience when you take advantage of audience segmenting -- which and the likes offer.

To be far, you can achieve this same result with tools like Aweber, but they are not as intuitive because, frankly, they were made long before the best practice of segmented and event-based email notifications were established and as matured as they are now.

Depending on your list size, a move can be a hassle. But, if you have a plan on how to monetize that list, and deliver incredible value to your subscribers, I would encourage you to move to platform that can slice and dice your list how you need.

Any other questions, feel free to drop a note or schedule a call.


Answered 8 years ago

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