If you ask me, the best way is to search for commission sales representative is on the best job portals in the world. The seven best job portals are as follows:
1. CareerJet: CareerJet has been around since 2001 and centralizes over 40 million job listings in one place, scanning over 58,000 websites daily. We chose CareerJet as the best overall site for international jobs because it lets you easily search for open roles across all levels and industries in over 90 countries. On CareerJet you can search for jobs by keyword, title, company, and location. Once you start searching, you can click on more advanced filters for titles, contract length, hours, and company names. You can find jobs for all experience levels and most industries, such as communications, finance, media, healthcare, and tech. Note that CareerJet will display the official language of the countries you’re searching for, so be sure to use a browser that will translate everything if you aren’t fluent. It is free to search on any of CareerJet’s international sites, and you do not need to make an account to apply for open positions. If you create a free account on CareerJet, you can save selected jobs and sign up to receive email alerts for specific searches.
2. Indeed Worldwide: Indeed, was founded in 2004 and is now the largest job website in the world. Indeed, serves over 250 million monthly users and adds 10 new job listings every second. We chose Indeed Worldwide as our runner-up because, although it has more job listings than CareerJet and is extremely easy to use, it has significantly fewer countries listed. Indeed, posts international listings in every industry, every level, and every lifestyle. Candidates can search by job title and location, salary range, date posted, and experience level. Keep in mind that Indeed will adjust its language to reflect whatever country you are looking for jobs in, so make sure you use a web browser that can translate each listing, if necessary. Indeed is 100% free and you do not need to sign up for an account. However, creating an account has several added benefits. With an account, you can sign up to receive email alerts when new jobs are posted and save jobs to apply for them later. Indeed, also provides a salary comparison tool and a company reviews section, so you can look at company reviews before you apply to a role or accept an offer.
3. CEO Worldwide: CEO Worldwide was founded in 2001 out of a frustration of the complexities that come with hiring global executive talent. CEO Worldwide currently has over 18,000 vetted executives in its network, spanning across 180 countries. We chose CEO Worldwide as the best place to find international executive-level jobs because it exclusively focuses on and provides high-quality, up-to-date executive listings. CEO Worldwide posts both permanent and contract executive roles across dozens of industries, including but not limited to consumer goods, energy, finance, healthcare, and software. To be added to CEO World wide’s candidate pool, you will need to pay a one-time fee of $60 with your application. Once approved, you can apply to any open opportunity that is of interest, as well as be contacted by any employers actively recruiting for open roles on the platform. You can also sign up to receive email alerts that match your profile and interests.
4. Teach Away: Teach Away was created in 2003 to help teachers find jobs overseas. It’s now one of the biggest international teacher recruitment companies and helps connect teachers to new opportunities across 50 countries. We chose Teach Away as the best site for international ESL jobs because of its size, high-quality listings, resources for professional development, and networking opportunities. It is free to join Teach Away, but you are required to complete an online profile before you can apply to open jobs. Once you have finished your profile, you can browse and apply to ESL jobs around the world, many of which include flight reimbursements, housing accommodations, and food stipends in addition to a salary. In addition to a robust job board, Teach Away also has an active Facebook Group community and fantastic blog with detailed information on how to become a teacher and find a teaching job. As part of their commitment to further teacher education, Teach Away offers easy and affordable state teacher certification and TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) courses to help you become qualified for more opportunities.
5. Expat Network: Expat Network was originally created in 1989 as a resource for ex-pats across the globe. We picked Expat Network as the best site for resources because, not only do they provide a great job board for international jobs but they also have dozens of free resource guides, blog posts, and checklists for fine-tuning your resume for international positions, moving, and managing your finances abroad. Expat Network serves as a one-stop-shop for finding jobs and doing research on how to coordinate moving and adjusting to expat life. You can search for jobs by keyword, industry, location, and duration. Expat Network includes over 100 countries in its database and serves all major industries including but not limited to finance, healthcare, human resources, IT, marketing, and sales. You will also find detailed blog posts on how to coordinate an international move, adjust your finances to a new banking system and currency, and navigate healthcare abroad. Expat Network has comprehensive downloadable guides on moving to Australia, France, Spain, and Portugal, specifically. All sections of Expat Network are free to use.
6. USAJOBS: USAJOBS helps people find government jobs both domestically and abroad. Today, USAJOBS lists available positions from over 500 different agencies in 147 countries. We chose USAJOBS as the best site for federal government jobs abroad because their search functions make it extremely easy to find jobs overseas. To apply for jobs on USAJOBS, you will need to create an account and fill out your profile. Then, you are free to search for and apply to jobs for all experience levels. The most common jobs abroad are administration staff, commissary staff, food service workers, education aids, human resources assistants, and logistics managers. You can also filter by salary range, departments, and agencies to narrow your search even further. After applying to any open roles, you can check on the status of your applications by logging into the Application section of your account. USAJOBS is completely free to use.
7. Go Abroad: Founded in 1997, Go Abroad was founded in order to bridge the gap between companies offering international job programs and students looking to work abroad. GoAbroad now serves over one million monthly visitors and has over 15,000 programs listed in its database. Go Abroad is the best place to search for international gap year jobs not only because of its size, but because it provides real reviews for its most popular programs, has a scholarship database, and helps with visas and travel insurance. On Go Abroad, you can search for opportunities by category or country for free. The most popular types of jobs are au pairing, farm work, marketing, social justice, and teaching English. You can apply to any position without having an account on the site, but registering for an account allows you to save programs for later and use the platform’s compare feature to find the one that’s best for you. Under each program you’re interested in, you can also read reviews from current or past participants to get a better idea of what to expect. Since some programs do not cover the costs of flying, meals, and moving, you can also browse and apply to scholarships through Go Abroad. The site also has visa advisors and travel insurance guides to help you figure out exactly what you need before jetting off to your new job.
The second way is to finding commission only sales representatives are as follows:
1. Finding Commission-Only Salespeople: Recruiting the best salespeople can be a challenge, but there are plenty of candidates out there who are eager for new opportunities. But first, you need to find them. These tips will help you get the number of quality candidates you need to make a great hire. Getting the number of commission-only sales applicants that you want is only possible if your company's online presence and job advertising inspire confidence in your company and product.

Make sure that your company's website and social media profiles have been updated recently, and that your social profiles have content showing your employees on the job. When advertising a commission-only job, you should be strategic about choosing the job boards and other candidate sources that you use to advertise the job. Targeting salespeople and even commission-only sales reps will give your job advertising laser precision for attracting talented sales professionals. It is also effective to use a diversity of candidates’ sources, like a variety of job boards (Indeed, Craigslist, etc.) and social media platforms (Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, etc.). Your personal and professional networks can be a fantastic resource for hiring salespeople who work on commission. By reaching out to contacts and colleagues with your job opportunity, you can connect with talented sales professionals who share a connection with you, increasing their chances of being engaged in your job opportunity. Along with the people you are connected to through your career and online, you can use the connections of your employees to find talented commission-only salespeople.
2. The Main Difference Between Commission-Only and Salaried Salespeople: The main difference between commission-only and salaried salespeople is that salaried salespeople are paid a salary and commission-only salespeople earn their income solely through each sale they successfully facilitate. Because commission-only salespeople only earn when they make a sale, they are results-oriented and are economically incentivized to make the greatest number of sales possible. Salaried salespeople may also earn commission on the sales they close, but they typically receive a much smaller commission because they are already being compensated for their work.
3. Securing Quality Candidates: Sales rep candidates should always be told the commission rate they will be earning. The commission rate you offer is one of the main reasons that candidates are interested in your open job and being upfront about your commission rate will allow candidates to decide if your job is right for their needs. But what is a good commission rate for your company? Do some research into what the standard is for businesses your size that are in the same industry and location, and aim to come as close to that (or even exceed it) as much as your budget allows. Otherwise, you will spend a lot more time and money hiring candidates. Your sales reps need to have the right sales experience to be able to interact with customers in a competent and confident way. Because they will be commission-only, it is essential that sales hires be effective, as neither of you will make any money if they are not suited for the sales role. For instance, if you sell luxury goods and a sales rep is used to selling software solutions, they may be more focused on utility than the quality of the product and the enjoyment that customers will experience from the product. Other than sales experience, your commission-only salespeople will need the right soft skills and personality to fit with your company and open job. While the ability to deliver a convincing pitch is important, it is just as important for your sales reps to listen to the desires and concerns of customers. As you talk with sales rep candidates, pay attention to the soft skills that they use in your conversation, and what sort of impression they leave you with. Culture fit is incredibly important for your employees, and if they do not feel like they fit with your team or your company, they are likely to have lower engagement and a shorter period of retention.
4. Converting Candidates: Though a sales professional may have come in for a few interviews and seems interested in your job offer, you still need to close the deal. You have been evaluating the skills of commission-only salespeople, but don't forget that they are evaluating you as well.

Always give candidates a variety of reasons for choosing your open job. For instance, apart from the generous commission rate you offer, you can tell candidates about the familial environment that your company supports with regular outings and dinners for staff members. To ensure sales reps have a clear idea of the position you're offering, you should provide all candidates with detailed information on your product, your sales cycle and the commission rate they would be making on sales. To be effective, your commission-only sales representatives need to be experts on your product and what benefits your product provides for customers. Rather than teaching sales reps what your product does, you should explain the advantages that your product has over competitors, the potential drawbacks of your product and other practical information that will help sales reps have informed conversations with customers. Your sales reps should know your sales cycle like the back of their hand. They are the ones who will be guiding customers through the stages of your sale cycle, so the sooner they become familiar with it, the more comfortable they will be when working with customers.
5. Welcoming New Commission-Only Sales Reps: After you have selected the best sales rep candidate available, it's time to onboard and train your new hire to ensure that they get started off on the right foot. For example, no matter how experienced your new sales rep hire is, they will still need to be trained on the specifics of your product, your sales cycle, and your company. Always err on the side of too much training, because the more that your sales reps know about selling for you, the better they will do. The performance of salespeople is always closely monitored, but do not forget to also monitor the engagement levels of new commission-only salespeople. If a commission-only salesperson is having difficulty making sales, then they are likely to get discouraged and can become disengaged before long, which can lead to resigning shortly thereafter. When a sales rep is struggling, you should meet with them to see how they can be better supported and if there are any factors within your control to help them improve their performance.
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