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Founder - PropTech Angel Group, Blackhawk Capital and former General Partner at Shadow Ventures. Venture Capital and Commercial Real Estate Investor. I invest in early-stage, B2B companies primarily in the US and I focus on real estate and construction but have looked at several adjacent verticals.

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The answer to your questions depends of what you're looking for. If you wanted limited service distressed hotels, try the Asian American Hotel Owners Association. If you want full service hotels, you will need to check with CMBS servicers like CIII, CW, Midland, KeyBank. Either way, I strongly recommend a broker or partner to help you sort through your REVPar, ADR, and Occupancy projections.

Happy to give a few personal recommendations depending on what you're looking for.

Happy hunting.


I agree with Bemis, to a degree. It's a fairly simple investment model because the management is easy (if you have the right manager) compared to retail, industrial, office, etc. Single tenant, NNN deals are a solid investment, but returns will be much lower (and safer) than self storage.

I have owned and managed SS (and debt secured by self storage) and we are looking to build a few new properties in the next three years. Happy to help if you need a few minutes on the phone.

Good luck.


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