Does anyone have any experience with storage units? I am looking make my first investment in a business and am considering this as an option.


I specialize in investment real estate; more specifically short sales and flipping houses. However I have friends in the industry that do specialize in storage units. I could point you in the right direction for sure. Are you only considering storage units?

Answered 11 years ago

I've been involved with many types of investment portfolios. Owning storage units is a very specific type of investment in real estate and quite frankly the rules that apply to commercial buildings, apartment complexes and residential properties don't really come close. Keep in mind that just like movie theaters the biggest companies tend to have the better results with occupancy. Smaller mom and pop type places or single owned ones tend to struggle more often than not. Location, location, location is very very true in this type of investment. There are many upsides for sure, but there could be better investments with less hassle than trying to keep 200 to 500 units constantly rented. For the money one invest in this type of project they could have a commercial property with a triple net lease and reap much better returns. Of course there is a market in the right location, but it boils down to getting the right location for the right price. The amount of money you are wanting to invest may dictate the best returns on an investment.

Answered 11 years ago

I agree with Bemis, to a degree. It's a fairly simple investment model because the management is easy (if you have the right manager) compared to retail, industrial, office, etc. Single tenant, NNN deals are a solid investment, but returns will be much lower (and safer) than self storage.

I have owned and managed SS (and debt secured by self storage) and we are looking to build a few new properties in the next three years. Happy to help if you need a few minutes on the phone.

Good luck.


Answered 11 years ago

I am a commercial lender that has made plenty of loans for SSS.

This is an AMAZING business as the default rates are lower for SSS than residential housing.

The biggest thing owners tell me is automating processes.

Answered 7 years ago

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