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For software startups it's more common to use a Delaware corporation. It gives you more flexibility when adding cofounders or giving out stock to early employees ( something you'll have to do to attract the best ). If you are seeking outside investment, you'll end up doing a DE C-corp prior to g...


It's very important. (first, read this article by Josh Breinlinger - The way you achieve success in a marketplace is by driving liquidity for both your supply & demand. Demand-side Liquidity = When users ...


Absolutely. There is no residence requirement or immigration status required to legally start a company in the US. I have addressed this on my law firm's blog: In terms of getting to the US ...


Hi, If you have a good pitch deck and a decent BMC (business model canvas), "all" you need to do is start sending it to investors. There are lots of free, online lists on the internet. The problem isn't finding them, it's making sure that you send the right pitch deck, the perfect emails/contact...


I would suggest looking into 500 Startups or other accelerators that target developing markets. They will help you get up to speed and make invaluable introductions. After going through the right accelerator a lot of doors will be open to you and then you can expand your network in Silicon vall...



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